2 Mar

remember “Kate”?

She is a girl in China who has Thalassemia like my girls.

We prayed for a family!

You can follow her family as they travel to china.

They are also adopting a one year old.

13 year old “Kate” has been named Naomi by her new family.

God amazingly added Kate to their family just before she aged out.

There is a MAJOR blood shortage in China.

God is taking care of Naomi!

http://ouramazinggi rls.blogspot. com/

I want to be like this family!

Following God’s plan, not my own.

In other news, the Lewis family, our dear friends from our adoption support group,

arrive home today with their 5th adopted daughter,

little Sena from  Ethiopia.

This has been a LONG wait…

over a year from their first court date.

In fact, in the mean time they adopted a little baby from China, little Sadie,

whom they waited for

for 5 years!

Mark and Mary are in their 50s.

We joke in our support group

“giving up our Scottsdale years”

or when days are hard we sigh,


Not for them.

So inspiring to Chris and me

I want to be like them!

And that was not always something I could say.

Giving up “my life” for God’s better plan.

Be blessed


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