5 Mar

These pictures are really poor quality, but you get the idea.  It was packed.  I’m spoiled as a homeschooler.

the days when all the kids were at home we could pick and choose “off” days to visit museums.

The little girls loved it all.

They make every thing fun!  It’s bee almost a year that they have been with us.

It’s been a year of firsts.

And so the first time for most things has past.

Zinnia celebrates her birthday this week.

She has seen everyone else in the family get celebrated, but not her.

She told me that she’s never had a birthday.

She said that right before she met us a nanny told her that “today is the day you become 7”.

that’s it.

We got her right after that.

So Zinnia says that March is her big month.

We will celebrate her birthday then Gotcha day.

We actually know her birthday because she was left on a bench in a park near the orphanage.

She was bundled up and the note attached to her gave her birthday.

March 8 2004.

It was a good bye letter,

Zinnia looked like she would die at any time.

This is what happens with Thalassemia.

She was 8 months old.

and she was loved.

wasn’t she?  don’t you think she must have been loved?

Maybe that’s why she’s doing so well and seems so normal to me, because she did have mother daughter bonding for 8 months.

Her life began sad.

I cannot understand or know the mother’s thoughts.

But I can know the thoughts of God towards Zinnia, and I claim him as life’s redeemer.

We talk often of her mother putting her on the bench to die (someone at the orphanage told her this), then someone bringing her to the hospital, then someone bringing her to Longgang, the orphanage, then God telling mommy and daddy to come bring her home.

Praise God for his grace in pressing us through when it did not seem to make sense.

Praise God for adding zinnia into the equation, when we planned to only adopt lainee.


So, it’s a big week her.

Gigi turns 10 the day before Zinnia!

Yesterday at church I sat with Mike and Sasha  and Gabe!

Gabe who runs our son Luke’s orphanage.

Mike and Sasha are having an open house for him tonight and so we will get to visit with him some more.

I have several posts running through my head, but not enough time to give them thought like I’d like too.

Lainee! This one is always silly in photos

notice something missing?

My boys have been so “into” electronics.

we have ipads, pcs, laptops, iphones….all in use, all day.

I have been feeling frustrated with the distraction it has been.

The boys are like magnets to the computers,

checking weather,

google maps…

I guess that’s it.  But, a time waster.

I’ve pulled the keyboard and put all electronics away.  it’s been almost a month.

We use them when we need them but they are NOT laying around the house any more.

We use them, we put them away.

And guess what I’ve noticed…


and even this….

it’s just what we are doin right now.


it got out of control!

i was so sick of seeing someone on the computer and needing to say, “what are you doing? why are you doing that?  turn it off!”

It’s been wonderful!

We are ready for spring.  It’s going to be so nice to get outside again.





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  1. KT March 6, 2012 at 12:20 am #

    Happy Birthday soon to Zinnia! I don’t know what was in her birth mother’s note, but it doesn’t seem logical for a mom to leave a good-bye note if they expected their baby to die. It’s more like she knew someone would find her baby, and that’s what happened.

    My daughter, too, had several months with her birth family, and it really shows in how happy and well-adjusted she is.

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