6 Mar

It was a blessing to hear Gabe’s heart and all he shared.

It was fun as we laughed and hugged him talking about our Luke,

his Adhanom.

My favorite part of the evening was seeing Joseph Parker so comfortable in his new family,

a twinkle in his eye as he watched his “baba” from ethiopia share.

Joseph grabbed my hand and led me to the tv where slides where being viewed ,

“Look!  Adhanom!  Luke!”

“Yes!  My luke!”

He hugged me sideways and gave Chris a high five.

It is so tear-jerking for me every single time I lay eyes on him.

Remembering the first time Sasha told me of him, and now seeing him in flesh.

We talked and laughed with Gabe about how surprised our luke will be when he learns that he’s coming where his 2 friends are

I thought he knew!!

Gabe said that he has not told him yet.

He wants it to be closer to the time…

(i know what it’s like to have a child who is constantly asking…”when…” so I cannot blame him and we really do NOT know how long it will take!)

I trust his wisdom.  He said Luke is praying every day for a family.  He has NOT seen photos of our family.  He doesn’t know!

I loved to see Gabe laugh and smile when he described one day telling Luke and how excited Luke will be!

Gabe has work and ministry going on all over northern Ethiopia.

He brought the Bible that was recently translated into the native language there.

Can you believe that they haven’t had a Bible in a language that could be read?

He has also reads that Bible over the radio for the 75% of the population who don’t read in that area.

I think that the next time we hug Gabe, it will be at his home, in Mekele, when we travel to see our son Luke, face to face for the first time.

I was encouraged there, last night, to be a “YES!” girl.  To say “Yes!” to God, even when it’s hard. Gabe encouraged all the people who came to hear him to say Yes to whatever God is calling you to do.

It was encouraging.  Our life seems full.

It was just good to remember the big picture, to be excited for Luke’s coming.  remember why we are doing what we are doing.  to be in awe of God’s story for all these children. That we need to take risks, remember that we are not to hold on tightly to our lives, but give them away.

It was good for me.

It’s been a very hard couple of weeks ~

you can check out Gabe’s website here www.orphansofethiopia.org


the little girls decided on their own to make a picture for Gabe to bring to Luke.


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