Happy Birthday Zinnia!!!

8 Mar

Zinnia’s special day has finally come!

Happy Birthday Zinnia!

This beautiful girl has watched everyone else in her big family celebrate, and now it was her day!

She is the sweetest little thing.

I’m tearing up as I type!

We all sang so big for her

Oh!  If you knew what a present she is to us.

God, please supernaturally tell her birth mama out there that she’s doing so well.

that she’s so kind and loving

that she is so loved

After school I brought her for a blood check (8.6 after 2 weeks :(   )

Then picked up 2 of her favorite friends and came to our house for a kind of surprise party!

I wasn’t planning on a party, but when I thought about 5 little girls “playing” I decided I needed to switch gears and have organized activities, crafts and, well, it was a party!

Zinnia looked at me several times and hugged me big and said,

“thank you so much mom!”

I remember when Chris and I first noticed her.

new bath robe!

Wondered if we should try to adopt her too, knowing we could treat her medically like lainee

The agency sent us a little video of her, an interview done by an American.

I sobbed!  I mean I just sobbed.

I saw a tiny little shy girl.

I thought,


and knew in my heart that God would bloom her and cause her to grow

my Zinnia

She is  a testimony of God’s love for the orphan

these two girls are so sweet to Zinnia. And she's sweet to them too. Thank you God for friends!

She’s so happy and confident and at peace knowing she is always going to be cared for

knowing that God has always been with her.

She is so happy and at peace hearing about Jesus and his love for her.

So trusting and believing.

I love this girl to pieces.

I am so glad we didn’t miss this!

Thank you God that in your Grace you propelled us forward~





2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Zinnia!!!”

  1. Missy Kenny Corron March 8, 2012 at 9:32 pm #

    Long, Fu Jiao says “Sheng ri kuai le! and Happy Birthday!” looks like a wonderful family celebration!! The girls look happy and settled.. such a blessing for us all..

    Missy & FuJiao

  2. Claire Fischer March 8, 2012 at 9:55 pm #

    Happy Happy Birthday Zinnia!!

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