9 Mar

lainee and I went to the hospital for a transfusion today.

thanks to others who helped with my kids!

Zinnia went to school.

She needed blood but I really couldn’t tell her that she would have to miss her class trip to a play at a local college.

so, I made the decision to wait until Monday.

her levels are low. 8.5

she’ll be okay…

and we wait until monday for a transfusion.

doctor talked more about a partial bone marrow transplant today, the pros and cons.

I’m sure it will come up when we go to Children’s in April with all three girls.

Praying for wisdom.

it seems like too big a risk.

All day i had the words of the psalm i woke up and read running through my head….”he gives compassion to his servants.”

Thank you Lord for the compassion I felt today

The last 2 days have been non stop.

It’s over now, all the bases are covered, all the children home safely….

until we start again tomorrow :)




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  1. Tobi Wright March 10, 2012 at 5:14 am #

    Laura, praying for your Lanee. A belated Happy Birthday to Zinnia too. Love hearing about your precious family!
    I had a rough day yesterday, a 4 or 5-layered rough day. The blessing side is that I have Bible Study friends who prayed for me and especially that I have Jesus whom I can give it to and He gives me joy in spite of the hard stuff of life. In your writing I see that you do it too. You give it to Jesus and He gets you through and makes you stronger. We are so blesssed. Just wouldn’t want life without Jesus! Nope!

  2. roomforatleastonemore March 16, 2012 at 12:42 am #

    That is tough stuff about the bone marrow. I will be praying for a clear answer.

    I am sorry about your friend’s husband and “the issue.” Let me explain. My sister, my only sister, was just diagnosed with cancer. :( I was talking to her today and she is so upbeat about it–much more so than the rest of us–and she says “Now that I have the issue.” I’m like what??? Should I not say the C word? And she says, “Well, that is the name for now. I don’t care if you say the word but I’m not.” We both laughed and I told her I’d ask the Prez about it b/c he gives everyone (and everything) a nickname.

    But basically cancer sucks. I’m so sorry about yet another diagnosis. It seems so rampant lately. :(((( And for your Lainee, just praying, praying!

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