11 Mar

When our children turn 10 we whisk them away with just mom and dad for a 24 hr. sleep over date.

The "birthday loser" ~ we ate at Ed's for lunch (i think because that's what her big brothers all did ).

So Saturday night was Gigi’s turn.

We ate lots of yummy foods

and swam, just the three of us, in the hotel’s pool

We saw a great movie, Hugo

And got to listen to her talk, (really listen, you know what I mean! No one else to cut in!)

It felt so great to celebrate her.

gigi and Chris outside the hotel

I have another homeschool mom, friend, who celebrates special birthdays along the way.

I’d like to add another tradition for 15, since christopher will be 15 this summer. Probably not an over night!

Gigi decided to sleep with dad and mom last night.

the photo we texted to those back at home

I was in the middle and, well, didn’t sleep much.

But I  loved every minute alone with Gigi.

My sister in law stayed with the other’s back at home.

Thanks, Kari!

Bullet points: cuz I’m so tired!  And under all the fun of yesterday my heart at my core is heavy.

-One of my very dear friends just found out her husband has cancer.

It was in my head and heart all day yesterday.

-Life is so short, and often hard.

Jesus tells us in the Bible that in this world we WILL have troubles but that HE has overcome the world.

Praise you lord.  You have overcome.

-I’m thankful for my family’s health right now.  Even though at times the girls health issues seem overwhelming, I’m humbled and thankful for their health.

-Amazed at my friend’s faith.

In tears, as we sobbed she whispered, “but God is so good.  We trust him.  God knows.”

and yet it’s still so hard.

Praying for her and her son, our son’s best friend.

God I pray that this would press them deeper into you.  That this precious young man-boy with a sick dad can cry out to you and really depend on you during this.

Thank you, Jesus, for the hope of heaven.

Thank you that you do not waste any pain that we endure.

We trust you.


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  1. KT March 12, 2012 at 11:22 pm #

    What a great birthday tradition! I remember turing ten and feeling that it was such a milestone. How wonderful for your daughter to be have such a special 24 hours of total fun and 100% parental attention.

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