23 Mar

God has been so faithful to me.

EVery single blood day I wake up early with butterflies in my stomach, nervous, anticipating the day’s events and wondering how everyone will get taken care of.

EVERY time this happens!  I kind of tend to be anxiety-prone.

Today was no different.

Chris said, “Sweet heart!  Has He ever not taken care of everyone on blood day?  Has it ever not worked out?”

And he’s right.

It has almost been a year’s worth of hospital visits and my God has been faithful each time.

I’m amazed at all the new people we know.  Doctors, nurses, dunkin’ donut workers (we grab donuts for the nurses), valet parking lady, craft volunteer and on and on!  People who love the girls and praise them for their little progresses in English etc. each week or two.

God is blessing these girls.

Things may not have always gone smoothly on hospital days, or like I had planned.  There is often stress with timing everything, and everyone’s rides etc. Friday’s a very busy day for all of us.  But, it always works out.

I’m learning in the stress of blood days to look for my God, my precious Father who walks with me through out the day, holding me, sustaining us all, loving us.  I see Him show up in conversations, in the timing, etc. in such a personal way.

Today the 3 of us (2 blood needing sisters and mom) that God would work it all out so that they could make it back for the icecream party at their school.  Yes!  It worked out and we are thankful for little things like that.


Some photos of my Lainee today.

thank you for the blood, Lord!!
There is a blood shortage in China right now, serious. I'm so thankful for people who donate blood. My precious girls could not live with out it! Thank you.

She is a gift.  Just such a great little girl.  I’m overcome at times that God has allowed me to mother her.  really.  She is just very special.

I’m amazed at the kindness of her.  I guess I thought that growing up 7 years in an orphanage…

well, that we would have a TON of work to do.

But, by God’s grace, she is just a delight.

my wonderful little lainee, just finished getting transfused

yes, there has been training and teaching and correcting!  Come on!

But her heart is genuinely so tender and kind to others.

Thank you God for Lainee Grace!

After blood today she ran FAST down the hall with her little rosy cheeks.

wow! how far and fast she can run down the hallway!

She feels better!  Energy!

I love her school, I’m so thankful for it.  She’s at a great place with people who genuinely love her.

Lainee's class went to Build-a-Bear and made bears to give to refugee children. This is Lainee with her refugee friend, Jenne, giving the bear. This was so HUGE for Lainee. She could hardly sleep she was so excited for the day she could give her bear away. I'm so thankful for this experience for her. Her teacher said, "all the other kids were so quiet but Lainee knew how to talk with someone who can't speak english".

Today was “school spirit day” so they had to wear school-shirts.

Last night in Bible time we talked about the Holy Spirit.  Lainee said, “I know what a Spirit is MOM!!!! Can I go get it????”

We were like, “um, okay…” wondering what she’d bring back!

There it was,

Her school t-shirt for school spirit day!

Oh boy.

Last week my friend (Lainee's name sake) wanted to spend time with my girls. She took them to the pool and gave me a little break. It was so sweet. She snapped this photo and wrote, "Lainee~ready for the olympics!"


Feeling so unworthy of the blessing of being Lainee’s mom.

She makes our life so much fun.

Thank you, Lord, another Friday-blood day behind us.  Everyone’s home, it all went okay, again :)


3 Responses to “”

  1. Sue Mitchell March 24, 2012 at 7:36 am #

    Laura, I know we never got to get together but I just wanted to say that your blog is a blessing to me. Thanks for sharing and encouraging me to look at the blessings in my life.

  2. sasha March 24, 2012 at 7:41 am #

    So proud of you all!! You are doing such a great job!!! You are living for a different kingdom and leaving a huge legacy behind!
    Praying for you!!

  3. KT March 25, 2012 at 12:26 am #

    I know so little about your daughter’s condition, other than what I’ve read online. Knowing I have one more dossier to use and that I can switch to the Waiting Child list at any time, may I ask a few things about living with children with this special need?

    Do your girls have a central line or permanent port that they use for blood draws and transfusions? If so, can it get wet in the tub or if they swim? Also, do you have to flush the line at home, if so, how often? How long does a transfusion usually take?

    I’ve seen other families’ blogs and have seen kids with special pumps for medications that help with chelation. From what you’ve said, high iron levels are the real danger for your girls since this leads to organ damage. Is this because with Thalassemia the iron “spills” as the red blood cells are destroyed, then can’t be cleared from the body?

    Is there a lot of research currently going on that may lead to new developments in the treatment of this disease?

    So, one of your daughters has this very mildly. Will it, or can it worsen with age, or does it remain the same throughout life, with only the high iron levels being the real issue and long as one has regular transfusions?

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