photos ~ new and old

7 Apr

shell finding~

Mimi is EXTREMELY imaginative, brilliant and creative. She is 99.9 percent of the time the "leader"when they play. The new girls let her and feel comfortable that way. It used to bother me. I'd say, "mimi, let them think of something to play." But they really can't. She's really been a blessing to the new girls. Zinnia told me, "mom! in China, nobody play like Mimi play. NObody knows how to play pretend!!!" Mimi has a HUGE personality. Her imagination seems to come to life and encompass her entire being. Here they are setting up a cafe.

jonah and lainee, they can often be found together.

ha ha!  noah sneezed the entire trip!!

at the alligator farm


The pond under this bridge is swarming with alligators.  I was kind of worried someone would lean over the edge.  Big boys were NOT allowed to give the girls shoulder rides here!!

Lainee and Zinnia one year ago at the Safari Zoo in China~ just days after meeting them for the first time. They have come so far!

gotcha day #1. Lainee and Mommy and Daddy. We gave the girls some jelly beans and a stuffed animal. Ate cupcakes and shared all day about that day one year ago, when we first met. Took extra time that day to remind them how happy we are that God blessed our family with them!

saying Good byes at the orphanage (one of the most emotional days of my life). All those kids left behind. These 2 held hands and giggled and jogged their way out the front door, never looking back. They have never once asked about anyone in China or if going back to visit is possible, never.

the escalator disaster!!! We hardly wanted to take them out of the hotel room! The were wild, wound up little monkeys, oh Naughty and curious!!! up and down the escalator with their silly little piggies. yike! they were a handful.

zinnie mom and dad~ one year together!

the first moment we met~
Zinnia was full of excitement and JOY, she ran to me first and threw her self on me and said over and over, "mama, mama, mama!!!" Lainee was so scared. She said nothing and had a straight face. She let me give her a quick gentle hug
as I said hello to her using Chinese and her Chinese name.

very first time in a pool! At the hotel in China with "baba"

today they both are great swimmers.

It has by  no means been an easy year.  But God has been faithful to us.  He is daily growing us and sometimes that’s painful.

we are better because of these girls.  God has used them to draw our family closer to himself, needing him ~clinging :)

We are so thankful for them.





2 Responses to “photos ~ new and old”

  1. Jo Moseley April 7, 2012 at 2:53 pm #

    It really IS amazing to see the changes in one year! They had baby/toddler faces on Gotcha Day and now they look like typical 6-8 (?) year olds, with missing teeth! Even since I started reading your blog, I’ve witnessed how He has stretched and grown ALL of you. I have cried on some posts and Prayed, Prayed and Prayed on those days. But, more often, I find such beauty and joy and always have a big Smile on my face.

    Thank You, Laura for sharing this Anniversary with me…and them (you know, the others who read your blog?)! I have such a love for your family. You present the ups & downs, the good days & the not so good days. You share the Joy and the pain of parenting many precious children. I wish we lived next door to each other! But, I’ll be satisfied with knowing that one day we will live together for Eternity!

    Have a Blessed Easter! Hug all your Lovies for me! ~ Jo

    P.S. Would you keep my Mom in your prayers? She was in a very serious accident late last week. My heart literally aches for her.

  2. Shelby April 8, 2012 at 5:04 pm #

    Love the new header! Your girls are beautiful! I can’t wait until Luke joins this amazing family!

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