Friday night at our place: a 2 minute run through of the house and it’s people!

20 Apr

the homeschooled dudes hung at our place tonight. We loving having the children's friends over, so do the girls! The boys played capture the flag outside~
(we've got construction out back you can see the boarded up windows. I've miss my backyard view these last few months).


~ gigi and her friend were upstair watching a movie on my laptop

and~ the three small fries decided to be best friends in the whole wide world tonight after pizza. PHEW! That makes things so much more fun! They ran upstairs because The American Girl Dolls were heading to a ball!

mimi is so creative. She is IN CHARGE tonight, folks! She's got her plan for the ball all made up and I'm so thankful that Lainee and Zinnia go along with her. They really can't think up anything better then mimi. It's like their little minds are creative-less! They look to her for what to dream up! Or maybe they've just learned it's easiest to comply with mimi, yikes! I hope not. Mimi makes life so much fun for these 3 (when they are best friends in the whole wide world, that is).

And last but not least~ the man of this place, my man! Busy catching up on bills, a job he took over even before our second China trip, and I'm so thankful for this guy. He is a great leader and teacher. He works with the boys mid-week group at our church Wednesday nights and I know he's making a difference there. He's a busy guy but he puts us first. Love you Chris!

Hope you family and friends of mine have a great weekend at your places!

Tomorrow: tennis tournament and a Bull’s game, it should be a great day. Let’s hope the girls are best friends again tomorrow…



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