first grade career day and video

26 Apr

Adoption is so unique.

Can I tell you what it is for me, for us, Chris and I?

Adoption is a blessing in a deep, rich way.  Let me explain:

Adoption is a call to die.

Sounds fun doesn’t it?

It’s a blessing to enjoy the children and love them and watch them grow and thrive.  However, the blessing is deeper in that it’s what God has chosen for our family to reveal himself in a very personal way, the gospel, our need for him.  The realization that hard is good!

It’s more then helping children who need a home, a family, medical care and Jesus.

It’s what God has chosen for us as we have prayed very earnestly, “Lord, take us deeper, we surrender all, give us eyes for eternity, not the things of this world, keep us obedient, needing you…”

And my very private prayers over the years of,

“Oh Jesus!  I love you, I want to love you more then anything in the world!  I want to obey you!  I confess to you, Lord, that I crave people’s approval more then I crave your approval!  I surrender ALL!”

A few things that I have a difficult time surrendering are alone time, “peace”, ease in toting my kids around, accepting chaos, giving up orderliness, and everything else that comes with having a large family.

7 years ago i was very gently I was convicted of living for myself, peace, the desire to feel in control.

Let me tell you, friends, I have changed, He has changed us.

I am over it!  Those things I longed for each day are no longer even possible!

I have longed for Christ and being in God’s place and on his journey for me.

His journey of surrender for each of us is NOT easy and it is UNIQUE for each one of us.  I know that Adoption is not what God uses for everyone.

Adoption for our family has been an easy decision.  It was a very purposeful decision to obey what He had asked us to do and to live  life like God is REAL.

Living out His  specific call to us.

For us adoption is so multi-purposed.

It is so much.  So unique.  SO stretching.  Obedience.  Blessing.  It’s what he’s using in my kid’s livings.  I cannot even really begin to describe all the ways God uses adoption to grow our family spiritually.  I’m DAILY reminded of God’s patient, gentle way with me as He adopted me into His family, how He loved me unconditionally.

It’s what God is using to keep us all where He wants us.

 I believe God has a call like that for everyone.

Some radical, risky step that He wants you to take in your journey of surrendering all to Him.

Where we live it is so easy to be comfortable.  Lovingly God is knitting our familiy together via adoption, growing us inside and out, pressing us into himself, teaching us to live life in view of eternity, to consider others better then ourselves, to remember that we await an eternal home in heaven with Jesus, that we are just pilgrims here on earth.

Last night I was out with Gigi and someone asked me how many children we plan on adopting.  I knew they didn’t “get it”.  They didn’t understand that it’s God who’s doing this adoption-thing in our family.  That we will do what he wants us to do and go where he wants us to go and trust that He will use whatever means He choses to draw us to Himself by His grace.

I would hate to get to heaven with any regrets.

 God, let us hear your voice calling us to surrender that one thing that we are so afraid of giving up.

Make me brave, Lord.

And thank you for the joy these children bring, your joy that undergirds us, you are so faithful and gracious.


Zinnia wants to be a mom when she grows up!

Little miss june cleaver!

(I was surprised she didn’t want to go to school in jeans and a t-shirt! like this mom!)

Mimi was a doctor:

And Miss Lainee?


Miss Lainee was a tad bit disappointed that kindergarten wasn’t having career day, and that she couldn’t take a baby doll to school today.  We love you, Lainee!

Noah thought the girls were adorable!  We couldn’t get Lainee to join the photo


2 Responses to “first grade career day and video”

  1. Tobi Wright April 26, 2012 at 3:15 pm #

    Laura, That was just what I needed for today! God works that way doesn’t He? Thank you for being so real and honest and for sharing what you’ve learned so we can learn too. We are still deep in paperwork and fundraising. I’ve been wondering lately if I can take on 2 more kiddos. We have 4 and we’re hoping to adopt 2 (Ethiopia). The enemy loves to tell me that I’m not enough. But God is. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. If you are ever in Wichita, KS (yeah right)…let me know. Blessings dear friend, Tobi

  2. praiseproclaimer April 27, 2012 at 11:36 pm #

    Looks like fun for career day. Sweet videos. Oh poor Lainee!
    Missed you today!

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