Catch up on life post

6 May

Lots happening around our place.


We have had construction since December and I’ve kept  my cool (most of the time)

However, I will be so glad when the port-0-john is out of my front yard.

I saw a man in a suit pullover his toyota camry and relieve himself in OUR port o jon

He just waved to me as I stood in my driveway with grocery bags hanging off each arm.

2 nights ago someone thought it would be funny to tip over our port o john. YUKo

Seriously!  N.O.T. F.U.N.N.Y!

We have wild life in our city back yard.

the babies are growing. We are not feeding them!

a mama fox had 4 pups this spring.  They live under one shed.

Under the other shed in a skunk, who died last week.


The foxes are killing all the bunnies and squirrels.

I’m not sure how it will end.  I guess they’ll just leave someday, as a neighbor told me.

The back of the house has been boarded up so our dog hasn’t been in the back yard to scare them off.


We spend significant time at Christopher’s tennis matches.

little sister lainee at a match

Christopher’s coach and Christopher’s dad-coach. Chris was a tennis pro and college coach when we got married. He does a great job coaching C. at home and letting the coach coach at the matches.

We’ve had lots of rain and MUD!

So, the girls have had some creative fun inside

one of my favorite things.

I got to go to Jonah’s homeschool writing class. Friday was an openhouse. The students got to pick their favorite piece and share it with the group. SOb sob sob! Jonah chose his piece, “Gotcha Day” about the day we meet Lainee and Zinnia in china one year ago….not a dry eye!

Jonah’s writing teacher is such a gift to us.  We love  love love her!!!

Here is Jonah in the author’s chair his teacher made.

the 3 little girls took a little trip to TN to be with grandpa and grandma and cousins. They each caught a fish in grandpa’s pond

out to eat with the “big kids” ~ AHHHH

Tonight the 4 girls are in a program at church.  We are looking forward to it.  They LOVE choir, poor Zinnia is completely tone deaf!

Well, that wraps it up in a nutshell.


God’s rich blessing of Himself revealed to each of you and your families this week~



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