10 May

oh wow.

there is a little girl who’s been hopping agency-lists and now she’s with Heartsent adoptions

if you get on their website they give you a pass word for the waiting child list, China. I will leave the link at the end of the post.

This adorable, smart, quiet little girl is the same age as my 3 youngest girls.

I don’t honestly know why she has waited all these years for a family, passed over.

She has beta thalassemia like my Lainee and Zinnia and she NEEDS to come to the US for blood.

She’s in a province that has been affected by the blood shortage in China.

I read today that children in this area with beta thalassemia are dying by age 5.

She’s surpassed that!  Thankfully she has been in the care of a foster family.

Anyone out there?

She will thrive in the love of a Christ-honoring family!

Anyone out there feeling like they should take the jump?

If you live in our area, I’m serious, I can bring her with us for transfusion day, if that part of her is overwhelming.

I mean it.

Each little child is so precious in God’s sight.

I feel certain that He’s preparing a family for this blessing.

Her little write up that you can read on the webisite.

Special needs: B-Mediterranean anemia(Thalassemia); Normal physical development

Yue Xin was found abandoned as an infant and after an examination by doctors, she was found to have B-Mediterranean anemia and put on the list for a blood transfusion. If she does not have a blood transfusion every 20-30 days, she becomes pale, weak and has swelling of her face and limbs. The institute was given doctor’s orders to give Yue Xin regular blood transfusions and her reports state that the first 15 days after a transfusion, her mental state is clear and her skin color is healthy. In March of 2010, she was sent live with a foster family so that she may receive better care. Her latest report states that she is a very funny little girl who is introverted and is shy when talking to other children. Yue Xin’s assessment from her teacher states that she performs well in school, is obedient and careful, has a strong self-care ability and answers questions actively. She is successful when performing on stage in school and once received an encouragement sticker from her teacher for a very good piece of art in the handwork class. After returning home from school, Yue Xin carefully rewrites words she learned at school. If your family has the resources available to provide this beautiful 8 year old girl with the therapy and loving family she needs, please speak with Heartsent about applying for adoption.

you’ve just got to see her adorable photo too.
someone’s is in for such a blessing.
sorry, i guess you’ll have to copy and paste it.

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