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13 May

Happy Mother’s Day everyone~
from Me and Mine

my Gigi. We decided we’d head to the Mother-Daughter tea at our church, very last minute. I decided earlier in the day that I just wasn’t up for it. But, I’m so glad that just the 2 of us went. She zipped upstairs and I ran to my closet we giggled at how fast we got “cute”

I was so prayerful about this tea.  Wondering if I should take all the girls, or some, or just bag it.  I really felt like God nudged me to have some time with just Gigi.  It was refreshing and encouraging.  I’m so thankful we ended up going.  I got to chat with 3 of my very good friends, which I was so thankful for.  The speaker started out with , “how many of you look just like your mom?  ok, now how many of you look just like your dad?”…I KNOW this is so painful for my mimi.  She often says that wishes she looked like me and cries.  It was really a good thing she wasn’t there.  The girls had no idea what they missed.

gigi is a great, creative and helpful big sister. She decided they would make me gluten-free pretzels covered in chocolate…YUM!

little lainee

Zinnia LOVES sweets, she has a MASSIVE sweet-tooth. One for mom, one for Zinnie! She ate a bunch~

Elaine Grace Jones~ here she is on Friday morning before school. She had been up since 5:40am. So super excited for the mother’s day tea at her school for the kindergarten class. She was a flower in the play. It was precious.  Scooby-Doo tatoos, and her leopard socks~ she’s cute as can be.

On Fridays the girls ride in to school with a neighbor.  Mimi took a  quick photo of the 2 of us before the ride arrived.  I said, “Lainee!  I’ll see you at 2! ” and she whispered back, “ma?  can you get fancy?”  Yup!  I’m all about gettin’ fancy !:)  she is so cute.

Lainee has a smile that lights up a room. I wish could you know her. She is hilarious and always making us laugh and smile. We can hardly keep our arms off of her, she’s so huggable. My little flower. I’m so thrilled she can have a great kindergarten experience. She’s amazing.

Before closing the door last night when I tucked in Zinnia she said, “mom!!!  What if I still had no mom???  mom!  That would be so sad, right???  I was think about you in China mom…”  Yes.  It would be so sad.  And it is so sad to remember those left behind.

those of you who went to the musical last sunday know that the girls loved it…Lainee was dancing away (when she wasn’t supposed to) she’s so animated and LOVES music. This was during a hymn when the organ was loud…(remember she came to us with hearing loss? I’m glad she can hear so well!)

our church has a huge children’s choir. I’ve loved having the 4 girls be part of it. They work on their songs on a cd during the week, it’s precious.

Lainee is silly queen!  we had to tell our boys to stop laughing at her so she’d pay attention and not be so silly on stage.

I cannot imagine life with out lainee.

Our 3 homeschooled kids had their annual art show this week and Gigi decided to be Betsy Ross in the living wax museum.  she had to “freeze” for 15 minutes.  It was great.  I was overwhelmed by all the amazing art.  To God be the praise.  Jonah is our family artist.  He has a real gift.

setting up gigi’s display~ we used Grandma Jesse’s antique sewing scissors.

Jonah’s favorite piece this year~ I think he’s amazing.

Thanks for coming, cousins!


the construction, and the weather have been super distracting for me, and my home schooled gang. we are ready for a break and for the end.

Great is His faithfulness! Remember that this week, friends. He is good. This life is not all there is. He is even now preparing a place for us with him in Glory. Where there will be no more pain, or suffering or tears. where we will see Him face to face. Great is His faithfulness! Press on~


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  1. Sherri May 15, 2012 at 1:09 pm #

    Oh Laura! I love seeing these pictures! Your family is just beautiful. Isn’t it amazing what God can do? And that last paragraph….oh, I needed to read that! Thank you! And thank you for talking to our friend about thalassemia…you’ve been so helpful!

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