16 May

This year we made new friends through our adoption support group

One couple brought home their second chinese daughter a few months ago.  She is 6 and it’s been hard, really hard.  She came from a not good orphanage, I know they are all not good but it’s been pretty clear that she did not receive proper care or love or attention.  Dreams and expectations were shattered.  Life was and is shook up for her and her new family.  It’s been a huge adjustment.

She was dedicated at our church this Sunday.

It was mother’s day and so it was special.  The message seemed fitting and the hymn as well.

“Great is Thy Faithfulness”

We were reminded that we can face the future with humble confidence, that our treasure is in Heaven, where we can never be separated from Christ.

I’ve always looked at little Josie with awe at her story and how God rescued her.

I was amazed yesterday when Zinnia got in the car after gymnastics.  She told me that the butterflies in their classroom had come out of their chrysalis and the class took them outside and the teacher let the butterflies go free.  Zinnia said, “mom, I was thinking J. like butterfly when I see them fly away I think now J. is free.  She not in China, she free with her new family.”


I couldn’t believe my ears.  She was so prophetic and insightful.  I was surprised that God put J. on her mind.  I was surprised she didn’t say it about her self, she too is a little free butterfly.  It was really special.

I came home and texted J.’s mom about it.  She replied, “Josie wore a butterfly shirt” the same day.

SMILE~ In Christ we are a new creation, the old has gone and the new has come!!

Zinnia, Josie, Mimi and Lainee mother’s day


One Response to “friends”

  1. julie May 17, 2012 at 7:51 am #

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. You seem to point out in your posts the most important things in life. I am spiritually fed here as are many others. Thanks for blessing us with your day to day insights and for noticing God in all.

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