photos from the weekend and changing birthdays

19 May

I’m just going to tell you before you start reading…I didn’t edit this, so sorry for errors etc…

Any ways~

I know!

Praise God for healing Noah’s ear.  Thanks for your emails :)

just Noah and dad took a quick trip to the Rockies this week, like 24 hours-quick. It’s great to try to grab alone time with the children whenever we can squeeze it in!

The DOB deal around here~

So, we decided about a month ago to officially move forward in changing both Lainee and Zinnia’s (adopted from China 14 months ago at ages 6 and 7) birthdates, legally.

When the girls first came home they were like toddlers.  Everything was so new, it was so obvious that they had not been exposed to much, everything was done for them.  They had never gotten dressed by themselves.  That first night they came to me gabbing in Chinese with their arms up waiting for me to slip off their tops.  I taught them how over the next several weeks.

Having Mimi (adopted from China at 8 months) was a HUGE motivation and help for the girls.  They wanted to ride in the stroller and sit in the baby swing, they wanted me to hold them on my hip as we walked upstairs.  And this is how they were treated at their orphanage, I saw it when we went to visit.  But when they saw “little sister”  Mimi riding a 2 wheeler.  Well, it was motivating.  Mimi seemed so much stronger then them, she still does.  Their bellies stick out and they really have no muscle tone.  Yet, we brought them home and everyone understood that Mimi, was the MeiMei (littlest sister) even though it seemed so silly that Zinnia was nearly a year older.  It was a big deal when they first came home.  The spoke often about Mimi being “mei mei”.

So, we waited one year like the adoption books suggest, put them back a year in school and wondered if they’d “catch up”.  Catch up, they have, but not with the 8 year olds, they function like 6 year olds and have caught up some with the classes they have settled in, actually Lainee often seems like a 4 year old.  She still wets her pants during the day , several times most days.  EVERY DAY an accident.  She’s asked to be allowed to wear a diaper to school.  She would be so excited if I let her wear diapers all day.  SERIOUSLY.

Anyway, I could go on and on about my theory on her potty issues. The point is, they may be 7.5 and 8 right now.  Maybe China’s paperwork and finding dates etc. are all accurate, but for their own sakes, to cut them a break, we will change their birthdays back  one year.  Which brings Mimi back up to her spot in the family as the fifth child with Zinnia only a month younger.

I took them to the endocrinologist this week because it looks like both girls’ pituitary glands have been damaged from iron overload, and each had a bone age scan, and xray of the left hand and wrist.  Lainee’s read 6.5 years old and Zinnia’s was 6.75.  He’ll write a letter and we will collect others to support legally changing.  He was able to estimate Lainee’s max. height as 4’11 and Zinnia’s 5′.  God knows and that is the least of my concerns, the LEAST!   We will find out next week if they are producing growth hormones…Again, it’s crazy how similar they are, thank you God.

Tonight we told the girls, “Zinnia, next birthday you’re going to be 8 again!!! So, you can be the same age as everyone in your class!!”  And Miss Mimi said, “So she’s actually 7 right now??”  And I said, “um…kind of, yes, it’s kind of like you are 7 now….” (wondering how Zinnia would respond) and Zinnie said, “YES!!!  I’m 7, I’m 7, I’m 7!!!!” totally smiling and happy about it.  Relieved.  She said, “Yes! because everyone my class they say to me I can’t be 8 yet!”

And Lainee Grace said, “what about me??? Wait!!!  How is this going to work????”  it was hilarious.  She said, “mom, please i want to stay 7 and just be 7 again next birthday.”  So, we said, “okay, Lainee you will be seven again!”  Then we all said, “7-7-7!”

And that was that.  I really think it’s a relief to them.  It will be for the better.  I’m thankful for the ways God confirmed it and the emails and yahoo chat groups and phone calls to other adoptive parents that have helped back me up!

Here are some photos from Christopher’s tennis dinner, season is over and he did great!

Christopher, team mate and top-notch Coach. So thankful for this man’s leadership.

Christopher and KEVIN! Oh wow. Kevin was such an answer to prayer. He’s a senior guy on the team, godly kid who is genuine and totally took Christopher under his wing, even saying how he felt like a brother. Kevin gave Christopher so many rides home, it was such a blessing to know he had a ride home, and with a great guy. Thank you God.

Here are some shots from the day…

took my 4 girls and 2 neighborhood friends to the french market for donuts! Gigi and her 2 friends completely cleaned out the van, inside and out! You deserve that melty donut girls! it was so hot outside today~see, mimi is bigger here!  The 2 girls have not grown an inch since coming home.  It’s so clear to us that Lainee is our family’s MeiMei

It was a LONG saturday.  Chris was at a board meeting for the day, and it was about 90 degrees outside.  We opted for inside play after venturing out to the French Market.

mom and lainee played memory, she’s crazy good at this game, amazing. I cannot remember where the matches are to save my life! This brain is fully full. I love her laugh.

mimi and zinnie working a puzzle on the laundry room floor. They actually were trying to get away from Lainee who isn’t that great at puzzles…shhhh, hiding.

Zinnia and Mimi

The boys had lunch with a young guy JJ who has been mentoring Christopher for the last couple years, and Jonah and JJ had a 3 mile race around the track, Hot!  Jonah won.   Zinnie decided to complete all 19 puzzles today.

still living in construction zone! :) yippee Zinnia, she spent so much time on this. yikes, what a horrible picture.

that’s better! She is thriving! little minds at work, I love it.

She said, “oh my goodness my back hurt!”  Then tonight before bed we taught the girls how to play dominos.

dominos! The mexican train, our favorite~

Christopher and Lainee

We love that game!  it’s fun to include them now.

God bless you friends as you get down on the floor with your little people~it goes too fast

Enjoy them

Have a happy Sunday!


3 Responses to “photos from the weekend and changing birthdays”

  1. Sherri May 19, 2012 at 11:00 pm #

    I’m zeke’s sister here, and i think this is absolutely the best!! i love those pictures.. especially the puzzles with zinnia and of course the two washers and two dryers! reminds me of my aunts house (ten kids) :) LOVE IT!! Your sweet family speaks so much of Gods grace to me. bless your heart today

  2. KT May 20, 2012 at 1:29 pm #

    I never thought that anyone changed the birthday delibrately like you are doing. I can see the advantages of doing so in your case.

    I LOVE your laundry room!!!

    I love seeing pictures of all of your children. I’m so excited to be so close to travel for my second daughter.

  3. nicole May 20, 2012 at 9:34 pm #

    laundry room=drool. mine is smaller than our closet :-) but hey, i don’t wash the clothes in the bathtub.

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