my brother’s blog: check this out

24 May

I’m the oldest of 4 in my family.

The next youngest after me is John, adopting! and here is their family’s blog can’t link it right now!  but you can click on it on the sidebar on the right of my blog…)

after john is Sarah and she and her husband are adopting as well, the waiting stages of it, ethiopia.

We could have an interesting year in our family~ maybe even 5 new African children brought in to our extended family, if both sarah and john adopt 2, which is possible…my parents will have 8 ADOPTED grandchildren :0  who would have ever imagined the rainbow of color God would bring them.  A little bit of heaven here on earth!  Every tribe and nation~


Enjoy following John and Kari as they travel to Ghana!

my little brother john, his wife Kari, Brayden, Wyatt and Annika soon to be a family of 7! (Check out their blog)


One Response to “my brother’s blog: check this out”

  1. Sherri May 24, 2012 at 10:40 am #

    Catching up on your blog again!! So happy for your family…what a blessing to have more cousins. Your girls are absolutely darling! I love how they are so close. I know it is of God but it speaks loudly of your loving parenting as well.

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