11 Jun

Chris and I attended the very first Empowered to Connect~Show Hope conference in Nashville while we waited to bring Lainee and Zinnia home from China.

We BOTH feel it was such a great support to us.  We used tools we learned with our biological children as well.

I would encourage you to attend if at all possible.

If not then I would encourage you to sign up for the Empowered to Connect email resources.  They always seem to come at the right time.

God bless you all~

We are knee deep in tennis and sand :0

lainee’s first lesson

let’s just say….this was P.A.I.N.F.U.L to watch. poor lainee. She loved every minute and waved her arm off at me. Maybe that’s why she seemed too weak to hit the ball now that I think of it. :) too much waving, not enough energy for hitting! Love you Lainee!!!

girls watching for jonah at the finish line at a race last weekend.

He had a great finish.  I wish I could down load it for you but I can’t right now.

Luke.  no word yet.  I’ll let you know~



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