thanks for all …

28 Jun

thanks for all the emails and encouragement.

you guys are the best~

We learned today that Luke has been moved 9 hrs. south to Addis, he is in the temporary orphan home call House Of Hope.

The staff there took at photo of him and I got that today, so cute.  My mom and I opened it on my laptop and

sniff, sniff.  

This is happening!

He is so handsome.  I cannot wait to show you his photo and smile.

He’s a black skinned Jonah Jones!

 He looks a Jones to us.

After seemingly hours on the phone we have our plans!

Chris and I will fly out of Chicago on July 7 and return on July 11.  Quick!  yay!

This gives us one day, July 9th, Monday to spend the day with Luke.

Tuesday July 10th is our court date and we fly out of Ethiopia at 10:15 that night.

It feels so good to have a shortened trip.  we will not be flying up to his orphan home in Northern Ethiopia like we originally thought we would need to.  Praise the Lord for a shortened trip~ it’s not anyway easy to leave 7 children behind.

Today I got more excited!  

My sister came over with her kids and we spent the day outside watching the cousins play in the water.  It was a great distraction.  the bulk of the planning has fallen on my excellent husband.

It’s a thankful Thursday here at 7 from Heaven.

Imagemy girls picked strawberries with Nana one day.  And now guess what we have lots of…Imageyup.  strawberry freezer jam that they made at her houseImageNoah’s been at W.C. b ball camp for 4 days 3 nights.  He loved itImagejonah jones has been playing a ton of tennis this summer, and running too.  his bed time has been 8pm, waking up at 6.  Eat Jonah, Eat!!Image

Christopher is passing up dad~ he’s been playing tennis and running too (not like they are competitive or anything, HA!)


Zinnia and Lainee digging away~Image

we can’t forget to practice reading :) oh man does it take a whole new kind of patience.  She can read but every word needs explaining,,,”Ma, what is MOP?  What is MAT?  What is NIP?”


Oh boy oh boy!  These 3….


how gigi and her cousin spent the day todayImage

Zinnia and cousin in the kayak while lainee tries to catch up!

I know God as my Great Shepherd tonight, friends.  

John 10:14 “I am the GOOD shepherd, I know my own and my own know me.”


He is trustworthy, that I know.

Trying to keep my eyes on Him and remembering that He is so, so, good,



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