10 Jul

we had another great day alone with luke.

mom with goodies for the compound. the nannies love candy!

throwing airplanes off the balcony with dad

he is so very sweet and quiet.  We wondered if he wanted to play alone with us in the small room, or to go outside  with all the other children and mom and dad.  He told the guide, “alone with mom and dad!”

LOVING to look at the photos of his new family and home. Very quietly he was pointing to the other children’s faces and saying their names.


Looking and tons of photos on our lap top, we watched every single family home video!  He smiled and sat still, mesmerized. So sweetly he looked at the screen and said, “good family”.  And dad said, “adhanom’s family!” and he said a very quiet and sincere, “thank you.”  We took lots of videos of him today, and had him say hello to everyone at home on a video.  They’ll love it.

this is the last photo we took of the children back at home. Doesn’t it seem like someone is missing??We did a video just after this, all waving and saying, “hi Adhanom!!!! My name is… I am….years old….” Oh, you all, HE LOVED IT. His big smile was so special. I am so glad we did that. We had sent a photo album with the Carlsons when they traveled. He ran and got it from under his mattress, all worn, so special.

near House Of Hope where Luke lives now.

He surprised me today!  He knows all his colors in English, I discovered this playing legos, then he knows all the numbers in english.  Next he very quietly pointed to the words on a game box we had brought and read aloud in english, “jumbling tower”.  I said, :”Adhanom!!  You can read English!?!?”  And he very seriously looked at me and said, “yes.”

he’s pretty serious, but happy and calm.  We can tell he has a very tender heart.  We showed him photos of our parents (his grandparents) and he understood and said, “oh.  thank you.”

When we said goodbye we prayed with him, he was very serious and sad looking.  He headed down to his bunk room, I packed up my bag and followed him, there were all the children asleep for a nap, he was hiding under his blanket and just his eyes smiled and I blew him a kiss, he blew one back.  Next dad went into the room, Adhanom was sobbing, just shaking under his blanket.  Chris’ heart melted.  He comforted him and said, “it’s okay Adhanom…etc”  We feel like this was a very positive thing, a good connection that we had with him.  He is very ready to come to his family.

Next was court.  We have not been the least bit nervous about this, until we sat in the waiting room, and looked at eachother, “what if…?”  God has given us a love for our new son, it is now a reality, a real person, someone God has given us love for.  Now we feel we must bring him home!  The judge, the room, everything was so much different then I expected.  Our guide said that she has never heard the judge ask so many questions.  We got to tell her about Luke’s friends in our town already, about our other children, their ages, their feelings etc.  It was much different then we were told.  She seemed positive but I couldn’t understand everything she was saying…  When we left and said thankyou to her Chris said to our guide jokingly, “so did we pass?” and she said, “actually no you did not.  she says she needs one more paper from the Moha(?) it will delay the process one week.”  So, I guess we are not worried, she told us not to be but we still do not have that “burden free” feeling.  So, you could pray that paper comes.  No photos of Lukes face yet.

another highlight today was giving gifts that the Parkers had given to me to the 2 brothers.  I showed them Mike and Sasha’s photo.  You all, these are nice boys.  The older brother was beside himself, kissing my cheeks and saying thank you thankyou, thank you.  It’s good that the staff their let these boys receive the gifts.  They were on cloud nine and felt so loved.  We read the note, “we are praying for a family, God bless you”.

While Chris played soccer with luke I asked if there was anything i could do to help around the compound.  I got to feed the babies!  it was a blessing.  I was thinking, “when I grow up this is what I want to do”.  All the babies I was with are spoken for, I prayed that as they looked at my American face they would feel less afraid when their real momma comes.

God has been so faithful.  we are thankful for a great connection with gentle Luke.  We are thinking of adding the middle name Valor, it seems to fit him, he’s brave, wise, honorable.

Thanks for your love and prayers.

Flying out this evening, reunited with our children tomorrow night.

To God be all the Glory, Praise and Honor.

(not proofing~)


6 Responses to “court”

  1. jean Mulvahill July 10, 2012 at 9:21 pm #

    Wow- God is so amazing!! I have been following along but unable to comment- someone always needs me ;-)

    Thank you for sharing this journey! I can hardly wait to see your boy with his complete forever family!

    You are in my prayers!

    Can you post a pic of the two boys wanting a family?

  2. Sarah July 11, 2012 at 12:16 pm #

    Oh my goodness. Just reading about his “thank you’s” absolutely melts my heart. A couple of days ago, our youngest daughter told us that the thing that she likes most about God is that He made families. Precious, precious little ones…longing for love.

  3. Sherri July 11, 2012 at 8:51 pm #

    OH I LOVE reading this, Laura! God is going before you, every step of the way. What a sweet, sweet boy Luke must be! It is simply amazing how God places these children in families. So many more there are….I know…but THIS ONE is for you to love and care for. And isn’t it amazing how much love capacity you have??? I cannot imagine having to go home but I know you will be given the strength you need to wait until you can take this dear boy into your arms forever.

  4. Sonia July 12, 2012 at 6:56 am #

    Oh goodness he looks so precious!! Even the back of his head looks precious!! So happy for you dear friend! I think he’s going to fit right in keeping up with the Jones!

  5. Tobi Wright July 12, 2012 at 3:28 pm #

    Laura, Thank you for your exciting posts! Looking forward to hearing more about Luke. I’ll dig in deep to learn all I can about adopting an “older” child. An idea for your new blog name: 4 Girls, 4 Boys, Endless Joys! (Too Hokey???)

  6. roomforatleastonemore July 26, 2012 at 6:45 am #

    Haven’t commented in a long while Laura, but been keeping up with your journey to your son. I will be praying the specific of that piece of paper and you passing court. I don’t know a lot about the Ethiopian process, but I know from friends in town that is the ONE BIG thing you wait and wait sometimes. BTW, they adopted two older sons last November. They were 14 and 9 at the time. They also have a large family, 7 sons!

    I have learned so much too about your daughters’ special need from your blog. Thanks for sharing, and I wish you would write a post for No Hands But Ours. I know that children who need regular transfusions are really hard to place, but you just make it seem so doable (not EASY but doable). And your girls are all just precious! It gives me hope that someday our two girls will be as close; we’re getting there ever so slowly.

    Well, just wanted to let you know I’m still reading (though mostly lurking), and will be praying for you to pass court so you can bring your son HOME! Love the way God has weaved these boys’ lives together in the US for their future as well. Miraculous!

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