18 Jul

this was quite a big deal…getting everyone out of the water, on the dock, and looking at me! Ha

summer fun, pjs and swim suits~

gigi is so good to our dog, cookie. The dog loves to swim, and so does gigi! Cookie is finally getting some exercise after a long winter inside

the children could watch cookie jump after a tennis ball for hours! i think we need a “Super Cookie” cape

jonah has the patience of a saint and the creativity of, someone other then me! I thought he was just busy building, then I realized the blocks spell “Jonah”. cool!

went home for blood and haircuts. These 2 asked to be twins…
Mimi and Zinnia

I’m so thankful for our local hospital. things have really been going well. Transfusion day is fun for these two. This time I took mimi along as well. Are you wondering about Lainee’s hair? She preferred to keep it long, and I love her independence that is starting to show.

their turn~ I kept calling Zinnia”Mimi” all after noon, we all did! They really do look exactly alike from behind.


We still have not passed court.  Would you keep Adhanom (Luke) in your prayers?

We pray God’s will be done.

I’m so encouraged.  I have heard from several of you interested in the set of brothers that I mentioned from Luke’s transition home in Ethiopia.  We are trusting God for a family.  Some of our dear friends have stepped up and we are amazed and encouraged to think that these boys could be in our same town, with the other Ethiopian kids that also know them.  Please pray for God’s will with us.

We need Jesus to love these children.  Adoption really is Jesus pouring his love into us for these children.  It would be so hard with out Him.

Perfect behavior in our family cannot be our goal.  ( are there ever some very messy days over here).

pure, raw, ugly sin.

Our goal is hearts tender toward God.  Adoption is a way that God is keeping us needing him and yet blessing us with a fullness that comes as we empty ourselves, die to ourselves and serve the “least”.  It is hard and it is good.  Eyes focused on Him.

Thank you, Lord for these arrows you have entrusted to us.

Press on my friends, this is not our end, not our goal.

The thought of bringing and 8th child home is at times very frightening!  I must remember that this was His call, not mine.  I must remember that Our goal is heaven, eternal life with Jesus.

I’m Divin’ in!







3 Responses to “”

  1. Shelby July 21, 2012 at 8:47 pm #

    Great post. Praying for you guys!!

    • Christie July 30, 2012 at 4:58 am #

      Our LongGang daughter does not want to cut her hair either. She tells me stories about having to have her hair cut off at LongGang and she never liked it. I am so glad that she has a choice about her hair now.

  2. Meredith July 24, 2012 at 9:08 pm #

    Ok- I just have to know….what exactly are the kids building with? I LOVE those, and especially love the basket it looks like you keep them in, as a mommy of 5! ;)

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