we’re home. i’m good. i’m shaking

18 Aug

In a big busy family

Momma doesn’t get to stay “down” long!

We came home Friday morning, arriving at 11

by noon EVERYTHING from summer was completely put away and both big vehicles unloaded.

18 packs of raman noodles consumed. then we loaded up all the kids and Chris and I shopped for food

one of our precious children did out to eat and errands san shoes….
Chris’ favorite response to things like this that happen to us… “really????”
and then he follows it with a statement “REALLY!” I like to follow that with an extra sweet smile as I add happily…”Really.”  This was a “really” moment

we rolled with it.


today Lainee and I haven’t stopped.

–cleaned out the NASTY pantry

Lainee and mom cleaning out the pantry.
I’m smiling.

–finished, and emptied the laundry room.  I LOVE to look at the laundry room counters!

and organized the girls clothing bins one for short shorts, one for long shorts, one for this, that,,,very specific.

AHHHHHH!  We’ve had great weather which has helped the chaos level inside.

The girls have been out all day.

I’m feeling great.  I have lots of energy.

My mouth is still completely awkward.  Numb from the eyelids to my chin.

but the inside of my mouth is pretty sore.

I look “of” like “plastic lady” or something. puffy.  ugh.

I’m confident by the end of a few more months I’ll be back to myself

I’m doing better!

i have ventured out in food too.

I sucked on pieces of chocolate and it felt wonderful.

I did oatmeal and it was

messy to say the least.

Because I can’t feel my lips it’s impossible to wrap them around a spoon, and my mouth doesn’t open super far because of the bands.

Frozen yogurt is great because I can squeeze it in with the spoon upside down.

Gigi and I tried Red Mango today…YUM!  It was weird for me.  She smiled and softly said,

“mom.  You are doing great….”

We are sending Noah to school for the first time.

He is gifted with dyslexia ;), ha hum…

it will be 6th grade at the local christian school where the little girls go, he has friends there.

Yesterday Chris and “plastic face woman” (me!) got to go and meet with his principal and teachers.

I sobbed all the way home.  God is so faithful.

One of the adults in the group had dyslexia!

We prayed with them over Noah and his year at school.


God loves our kids even more then we do.

I had quite an incident with my Zinnia today that has left my heart shaking still~

I want to share it when I can get my thoughts together.

Trusting Him~


4 Responses to “we’re home. i’m good. i’m shaking”

  1. Sonia August 19, 2012 at 6:36 am #

    Welcome home!! So happy you are doing {relatively} well! Jason and I were watching the LIttle League World Series the other day and a kid got hit in the face with a pitch…….I immediately thought of Jason and you. And as I watched the camera pan to his mother in the stands I thought, “she doesn’t know what’s coming if that poor kid’s jaw is broken!” Ahhhhh!! I think I have PTSD about that whole experience! Praying for you and Zinnia……been there, been there, been there…..heck…..still there. There IS redemption in store for these kiddos! Hugs!

    • laurajonesjournal.wordpress.com August 19, 2012 at 11:05 am #

      Sonia~ your online friendship has blessed me. Thanks for being YOU. We must press on, keeping ours eyes on the cross and yes, REDEMPTION

  2. Karen J Moseley (@peasandluvfrmJO) August 19, 2012 at 4:27 pm #

    I will stop and pray for Z & her Mama. Love, Jo

  3. k August 20, 2012 at 6:23 pm #

    I’m glad your back and enjoying (well, maybe not) a little more variety of food. You are welcome to email me privately and swap thoughts about your Zinnia’s incidents. Parenting our kids is so different than bio kids that I love comparing notes. I always learn something.

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