day 19

27 Aug

(and I know you are all dying to hear all the details since my jaw surgery)

day 19!

I’m still completely numb in most of my face,

A little feeling has returned more to my left side then my right.

Behind my nose and on my chin it often feels like little knives or spiders are crawling

nerves re-connecting

Numb, little muscle movement. ugh

I think most of my stitches have fallen out now.

It sounds like I have marbles in my mouth when I talk

I’m still puffy in certain areas that I probably notice more then you would.

But~ my molars all touch!  the problem is corrected and already I feel less stress in my lower jaw.

Life goes on!

I have only 2 more weeks of not chewing and in two weeks my surgical wire and hooks (ouch! scrappy in my mouth) will come out!

Today I got the go ahead to use a straw ( yes!) and to blow my nose~


Yesterday we were alone with the big kids, and so we had lots of time to laugh at the little things the girls say and do,

Lainee and Zinnia especially.  If you know Lainee you know how funny she is.  She’s always laughing and saying funny things.

Lainee’s voice is still so very loud.  We were remembering how she yelled my name every 5 minutes her first few days home, to find where I was! “ma!”  “Ma!”

We remembered how she yelled for Zinnia in China in the hotel lobby, “Li Ying!!!” (zinnia’s chinese name) and heads turned!

When we first came home the 3 little girls right away played “house”  Lainee and Zinnia could not even speak English!  But they did well and we laugh when we remember Lainee yelling out that she would be the dad.  The funny thing was that she was so very loud and her voice is pretty low….she’d shout out, “Lainee be baba!!!”  baba is dad in Chinese.


the girls are each special in their own way.

One day shortly after surgery my mom and I chatted about the girls and their “issues”.  I was teary, feeling the weight of it all.  I very honestly said, “mom, sometimes I just don’t want to care so much.  I just want to go about life and care for my family and not think about the children out there.  Does it even matter??”

And, my mom started to cry, and I did too.  And she said,

“Laura, you ARE making a difference, don’t ever feel otherwise.  Those girls!!  I cannot imagine our family without those girls!! Can you imagine them still being there???”

And we remember where they are from, and where they are now.

And we give glory to God for the things He has done in their lives and our lives.

And we trust and we Press on toward the goal.






One Response to “day 19”

  1. Sonia August 27, 2012 at 8:14 pm #

    Ok can I come over and cry with you and your momma too? Please? I’ll bring the kleenex! Girl we have so much to talk about! Don’t you need a FL vacay right about now? :)

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