trusting His call~

30 Sep

Jonah, Christopher, Gigi, Noah
“bigs date” with mom and dad

getting better everyday!

We had planned a late night out to eat with the family last week after Jonah’s race.  I suppose celebrating Luke’s homecoming and realizing that we may not be doing a nice sit down out-to-eat for a while when he first comes home (then again…read on).  We had planned to take the whole family.  But, as the time drew near we decided to bed down the littles and make it a bigs date.   It was wonderful.  Food has never tasted so good!!  As much as we love being with the little girls, I will say, I so enjoyed uninterupted conversation with the older kids.   They all enjoyed it.

My mind is so often on Luke.  Praying for him and wondering how those first weeks will be.  He’s all packed!  His closet is cleaned out, his dresser is a bit empty but I’m not sure on his sizing and what I might have that fits him.  I purchased new undies, pjs and socks, although my boys seem to alway bicker about who has what socks and i can’t ever seem to keep it straight.  I decided to make an entire drawer in the laundry room “boys’ socks”.  Come, grab and be happy.  done.  The little girls have their sock issues too.  That’s been eliminated with a “girls’ sock bin” in my pantry (i know).  Gigi?  Well, she’s the lucky one who doesn’t need to worry about sock-stealers.

Little things keep me up in the night, now that we know when Luke’s coming.  SO many thoughts! Things like, “when I need to run to this appointment or that obligation does he come with me or stay at home with the home schooled kids?”  Will he come with a toothbrush?  Is he circumcised?  he’s gonna think we are so crazy!  what kind of “school” things should I get for him to do at home the first few months?  etc. and etc.  unending.  I’m so anxious to be in the KNOW not the wondering which for me turns worrying as the evening comes on.

His homecoming is at such a crazy time for us.  Cross country teams still running, doctors and hospital visits, meetings to attend, after school activities, homework, homework, homework, church groups, violin, tennis, swimming, soccer starting up the week he’s home…. blah blah blah.   Lainee’s birthday will be celebrated his second day home; a promised trip to Monk*y Jo*s (craziness on his day 2)! Actually I think we’ll push that out til the next weekend.  Then halloween in just 2 weeks after he comes home.  It will be so embarrassing!  You all would NOT believe how the people in our town, on our street decorate for halloween.  How will I explain that to him?  Then,Gabe, the man who raised Luke for 5 years in Ethiopia is coming to our  town! Then a few weeks later we head to TN for thanksgiving, it will be wonderful, wonderful! …but a lot of activity all the same when I know nesting down is helpful in transition.  A week after thanksgiving Chris has a conference at D*sney W*rld and we have all planned on joining him…ugh! FUN!  but probably not the best for our Luke, I’m sure!   Someone in our adoption group told me that the adoption books highly recommend dodging DW within the first year of coming home and he will have been here 6 weeks.  God knows.  His timing is perfection.  We are trusting Him at all times.  But still..

WELCOME TO AMERICA My SON!!  The land of candy, non-stop fun, overindulgence and chaos!!!

geesh.  I may not get to know him until January.  The snow will fall and we’ll settle in for the winter…(it sounds so peaceful..ha!)

We enjoyed the dinner last week, I’m proud of the bigs.  Opening their ring, their circle to let a new “big” come in, to join them on the “bigs” things. Their passion, their belief in adoption, their excitement, it leaves me wordless.

I’m most certain that when I was a young teen, I would not have opened in such a way.


3 Responses to “trusting His call~”

  1. Tobi Wright September 30, 2012 at 9:28 pm #

    I love reading your updates! In all the craziness God will give you all moments of rest. I know you will let some things go too – we don’t have to keep all the balls in the air all the time, do we? You look lovely by the way, so glad you are healing and feeling better!

  2. Sonia October 1, 2012 at 7:19 am #

    Ok first, that is A LOT! But good gracious how fun! Second, thank you for the email! I am drowning in school work at the moment so I’m taking a little blog hiatus. Third, ummmm HELLO!! Disney world??? You know that’s like an hour from me!! Might I get to actually meet you in person and hug your neck??? I would LOVE that! Let’s talk as it gets closer and maybe I can drive over and we can meet for dinner one night?! Third, don’t sweat all the stuff you “shouldn’t” do. We took Jacob and Joey to Hong Kong Disney 5 days after meeting them, they had a BLAST and they are still alive. And remember he is a boy, an older boy at that, and they need activity. It’s how God designs their little bodies(as you well know), so don’t sweat it. As long as you guys are there with him he’ll do great! So excited for you!!

  3. jean Mulvahill October 2, 2012 at 10:59 pm #

    I am so proud of your bigs too! It has been challenging for our bigs and they are way older!

    The pic of the birth kids reminds me of our birth kids! We still love going out with just the older ones now and then! Billy, his girlfriend, Mark and JOhnny went to dinner with Jim and I a couple weeks ago! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!! I laughed and laughed!

    We still love and cherish our littles but the bigs still need us! (and we need them!)

    Praying for your journey with Luke! It will all work out! God has his hand ALL over this!!

    Love ya sweet friend!

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