made it here

9 Oct

Well….i am here….

Looking at my watch, it is currently 1:54 am (Tuesday morning)…The time is 8hours ahead here.

here are some random thoughts that are going through my mind…I want to capture these…(warning – it might not come out very clear.  I did not get a lot of sleep on the plane and I am tired).

1)  I miss Laura a ton.  I have this overall sad feeling right now.  Don’t get me wrong…I am thrilled to be getting Luke and getting back home…I just miss my darling.  Sitting at the airport and looking at the empty seat next to me was not all that easy.  The flight….well, not so great.  I think the next time i come that I am going to bring 314 packs of deodorant.

2)  I miss my other kids.  I have 7 wonderful kids and I miss each of them

3)  There are a number of people that are adopting and it is exciting to see.  I have already met 5 couples that are on there way to get their children.  It is very exciting to see.

4)  Excited for Luke…I wonder what he is thinking about right now.  Is he scared?  nervous?  When we came before, he was very quiet, but you could tell that he did have some level of excitement.  I am going to be getting him pretty soon.


5)  We serve an AWESOME God!!!  It is truly amazing when you think about the adoption process…What did we do to deserve being adopted by our Lord?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  It is very humbling to think about.  He loves us and cares for us….


blessings to you all.







3 Responses to “made it here”

  1. Mike October 9, 2012 at 5:15 am #

    So glad you made it brother! We are praying for you early & often on this final chapter of your journey to bring Luke home. We can’t wait to welcome you home on Saturday! Rest & be encouraged in Isaiah 26:3-4!

  2. godsizedliving October 9, 2012 at 7:29 am #

    Thanks for the update, Chris! So glad you made it safely. We are all praying for you and look forward to hearing more. You are such a good husband and daddy–we are thankful for you!! Lots of love, the Pollocks

  3. Sonia October 9, 2012 at 7:46 am #

    Yay! Can’t wait for the pics of you and Luke to come rolling in! Our family prayed for you yesterday, will continue to do so until you are all back together again, go get that boy!

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