Good morning. We passed Embassy.

10 Oct

Good morning.

We just got back from the US Embassy.  Pretty painless.  Part of me was just a little nervous yesterday.  Today for some reason I was not nervous at all…When it comes to paperwork, I am quite OC.  I count and check things way too many times….Do i have this?  Do i have that?  then i check again…then again…I will say it is a little easier keeping up with the passports…on our trip to china I had all the passports and cash and documents with me at all time (except while in room).  holding one passport and a phone for pictures is quite a bit easier.  

So, we get to the Embassy and i started clicking off some pictures…Bad idea.  Guards started running at me right away.  I asked them to smile for a picture….they said “no.”  “No Photo.”  I think the guide for us about had a heart attack…Hey, we were on American soil…i wanted a few pics…oh well….

we get in and they guy from the embassy asked me one question…that was it…handed him my passport and 2 other pages…that was that…

Luke’s passport/visa will be ready Friday morning at 10am.  We then leave that night.

We are here just 2 other nights.


have had a chance to meet some other families…one family from Oregon…they just left…they have 5 bio kids are are adopting 4 siblings.  their older kids are all grown out of the house.  they felt the Lord leading them to adopt and ta dah…let’s get 4 at once.

at the Embassy, there must have been 30 other families adopting.  struck up some conversations with some of them…just delightful people…it is truly neat to see how the Lord provides for each of these families…there are so many stories how the Lord continually provides for what is needed.


on a much lighter note – on our way back from the embassy, we went by the sheraton hotel…it was where we stayed the first time…i asked the driver to go there so i could exchange some dollars…Luke went inside with me and i gave him a little tour…His eyes were as big as saucers…we looked at the pool and i thought he was going to run down there and jump in…we got some pictures…(sorry i havent put any on here…still working on how to get them in.  I dont have a wireless connection to get them from my computer to here.)

I hope these updates are helping.  if there are things you all want to know, just reply back and I will try to address them. 

Blessings to you all.




3 Responses to “Good morning. We passed Embassy.”

  1. Tobi Wright October 10, 2012 at 5:49 am #

    Congratulations on passing Embassy! Thank you for updating – love hearing how it all happens. Those of us waiting learn so much from you who are experienced :) I would love to reach the family with 5 bio adopting 4.

  2. October 10, 2012 at 9:33 am #

    hey everyone! The children and I are doing great. I’m feeling the Lord’s presence and great JOY each day. He’s given me a verse each morning to meditate on through the day. It feels so different from a business trip when Chris travels normally. This feels like 1/2 of me is gone. God has filled us with great joy and peace, He has knit our family’s heart to one of His children, Luke Adhanom. I feel the enemy wanting to bring discouragement at times but I am thankful for His strength and provision of praying friends. Yesterday out of the blue, during a flurry of several emails and texts from people congratulating us and wishing well and reminders that they are praying etc….in the midst of that I got an email from Lainee’s teacher. It was a report of disobedience etc. The words hurt and I felt out of control and discouraged. Lainee is a gem. I got to pray with a friend and set my mind straight, to put it in perspective and not to worry. I got to talk to Lainee last night and felt such great love for her as she shared and we prayed. She is tender and sweet and I know her heart. I will not be struck down. He is holding me up. I miss you, Chris.

  3. sasha October 10, 2012 at 11:35 am #

    Praying for you Jones family!
    Praying also for the 2 brothers, still in need of a family, at the transition home.
    Lord, Please move in the hearts of the family you have hand picked for these sweet boys.

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