good morning.

11 Oct

Well….one of us slept last night…one did not.

I dont care for traveling that much…whenever i have a trip, I tend to sleep poorly the night before…well, Luke had a great night sleep…me – not so much…

Anyway, things are going very well…he appears to have the sadness out of him (at least for the moment)…My guess is that more of those time will happen again…sometimes you just have to cry.  I thankful that he is not ashamed to do it with/by me….

after my post last night, he climbed on my back and we did a piggy-back ride back to the room..we laughed the whole way…dont know if he has ever done one of those…the way he carried himself suggested he was not sure what was going on.

He is doing very well this am…smiles galore.

anyway, this might be my last post…We leave for to get the visa in just a little bit.  Then off to the “mountain.”  Anyway, thank you all so much for your prayers…our flight leave about 2pm central time (night over here)….then we stop in Italy for some fuel.then dc…then home…

cant wait to see you sweetheart…miss you tons…




One Response to “good morning.”

  1. Sherri October 12, 2012 at 6:25 pm #

    Thank you for the updates! Such a sweet boy and what a blessing for your family. I know you are anxious to all be together again but savor every moment…each one is special and never returns! May God provide your needs each day!

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