weight loss programs and “the wheel-o-death”

11 Oct

Well….I think I figured out how to get some pics on here…hoping to be able to do it today…I think bribes work…going to try to set up Laura’s computer on here for a time rather then using theirs…Fortunately there is a family here and the husband works with computers for a living.  He said he could help out.  He has been trying to get pics on their post as well.  Anyway…weight loss program…I have a great program…It is called go to Ethiopia.  Right now I am the only American that is not living on the toilet.  They ask me how I am not getting sick…It called – ClifBar.  Yes, I brought 2 boxes of Clifbars with me and they are going to good use.  Its also called only eating the bread/toast/and as they call it here Panna cake.  They help balance out the peanut butter clifbars…then there is lots of tea and coffee.  anyway, my jeans are starting to get a little bigger….not too bad, but I can tell a difference.

and what is the wheel-o-death?  You know those traveling carnivals that go from town to town every summer…They have all the rides where you have to pay 6 tickets to ride and each ticket costs a dollar.  you get on the ride and you are just praying that the duct tape that they used to hold that ride together will hold for at least the turn you are taking….Well, we went to the “lion zoo” today…yes, actual real lions…at this zoo they have half a dozen kiddie rides.  They had a wheel ride here.  it only went up 30 ft in the air, but boy-oh-boy, you could not have paid me to ride that thing…However, Luke couldnt wait.  He went sprinting up the steps and practically dove in the basket.  I went up the steps and broke one on the way up…I stopped right there and went right back down.  I said I would pass and just watch and take some pictures…That seemed to work.  Luke went on it and had a ball.  I was just praying that the scotch tape would hold for at least his turn.  He made it.  After that we headed over to the “slide-o-rust.”
We have a “day off today” so I hired the guide and a driver to take us to some places here in Ethiopia.  Thank you all for your prayers.  We get our paperwork tomorrow am (we are 8 hours ahead of our normal time zone).  We then fly out at 10pm on Friday night here.  We land in DC…short layover then our flight home.  Thank you all for your prayers.  This boy is terrific.  Very thankful for him.





One Response to “weight loss programs and “the wheel-o-death””

  1. Carrie Lantry October 11, 2012 at 8:59 am #

    I am dying laughing. Having been there, this post is priceless. I too went on the Ethiopian diet. But I brought cans of chicken, packs of peanut butter, and nutra-grain bars. I lived on that and coffee for over a week. My husband on the other hand tried the “gitfo” (i know i didn’t spell that right) raw goat meat and lets just say he paid more than money for that little adventure. Back at home had to go on Cipro to clear it all up. Oh my, bringing back such memories. Thanks for posting, can’t wait to here about the reunion at home!

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