Aside 20 Oct

zinnia has blossomed into such a sweet soul.

i will never forget first watching her “interview video” from her orphanage in China.

We were committed to adopting Lainee Grace, then found out about her friend, our Zinnia, also with Beta thalassemia.

she was a beauty, face down, shy, china doll-like.

the nanny kept tapping her chin up to look at the camera.

As I watched her video I cried.

“Chris we need to name her after a flower!  God’s going to bloom her!”

We chose Zinnia Joy in faith and God confirmed it.

The next day my friend brought me flowers from her garden, “Zinnia’s for you my friend.”


her character write up was horrendously scary.  obstinate, disruptive to name a few.

it was scary adopting her.  but we knew it was God’s call for our family, and for our Lainee to come home with her friend as well.  By God’s grace we press forward, it was all Him.

Luke is having a hard day.  :(  Just when we were getting into a routine, Saturday shows up and he’s “off”  confused.  It’s been very emotional for us all today.

Zinnia is so tender.  She walked into the room where he sat looking out the window, not talking to anyone. crying. singing. stubborn.  sad.  adjusting.  hard. (heavy~hopeful)

He would not go to sasha’s with his friends today.

Zinnia put her hand on him, she said, “luke, thank you for the candy you bought me at the store with mommy.  Luke, I want to pray for you, okay?  Dear Lord, please help Ob*ma not to be mean (?), please heal my teacher’s foot, please help Luke to learn about the family and to have a good day tomorrow. Amen.”

Zinnia Joy Jones, it is such a privilege to watch you bloom.

Thank you, Jesus.


Loving -Luke- Learning-Laura



2 Responses to “”

  1. smurfy mom October 21, 2012 at 9:22 pm #

    i’m glad to see luke working through the emotions. that is a good thing. hard to watch, but still good :) it is awesome that he feels comfortable enough to let the feelings in and not hide them or stuff them into a deep place. healing has begun.

    and on zinnia — hands down, the most versatile beautiful flower ever! i plants tons and tons of them every year and they make the most beautiful bouquets, imho :) :) :)

  2. Jennifer Johnson October 22, 2012 at 4:56 am #

    New head line title…”Eight Elated”

    Laura you inspire me…you’re doing a great be a Mom like you….priceless!

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