some more on luke

4 Nov

So, we are doing well!

Yes, we really are.

Adopting an older child is so rewarding.

Luke.  Ah, yes.  He has captured my heart, by God’s grace.

luke went trick or treating with christopher. it must have been so confusing. i really wanted him to just stay home with me….but, if you know my husband you know that he loves trick or treat night. Luke said, “what is this? jones house candy store!!!!!”

He is precious and he and I have connected these last 3 weeks.

this is luke on our out to eat lunch date last week. he loves it and wants to come everyday! It is my favorite time with him when we can be alone, I love trying to learn more about him and trying to communicate with him. It must sound and look so funny, we do a lot of noises and movements…i just love him.

We have had sad, angry moments, hard, deep emotions surface in Luke.  long moments of confusing silence.

But, I’m not discouraged.  He comes out of it realizing we aren’t leaving him, we are loving him and so it deeps our meshing.

wow.  His little life has had a hard beginning.

I wondered how much he would remember of his birth parents, ah.  it breaks my heart.

I’m committed helping him heal.  To standing by him in the sadness and praying him through.

The language barrier makes things difficult.

He is a Christian.  yes, but needs much parenting and guiding, training, maturing (like all of my children!).

He is closest to me, talks the most to me.  i think he thinks that others don’t understand his english, and he’s right.  I will say that I often fake it with him.  As he tells me a story, and if i’ve gotten lost I will usually just smile big or imitate his emotion.  A few times I’ve said, “wow!  Good!”  and he snaps back like a little ethiopian man, “what is this, mommy?  WHAT?  this no good, mommy, no good!” So, I cover, “oh, I know.  AH!  no Good!!!”  oops….

he will tell me, “mommy you noah no this one….”  like he had tried to explain something to noah and noah didn’t get it.

He is an active little toot.  wow.

He keeps me on my toes, needing to learn respect for things, like not cutting the kitchen stools with scissors, or drawing on the counter with a Sharp!e marker.  He is a button pusher….wow.  copy maker, coffee machine, sewing machine, washer, stove, you name it.  He calls any appliance thing like this a “machine”.  Several times a day he will find something new and ask, “this one mommy?  this one machine??”

He wont eat eggs or drink milk here….he says, “no america milk, no america eggs, machine eggs, machine milk no good”….hum.  we’ll work on that as the language develops.  He is living on bananas, sweet potatoes and candy.

He is very responsive to my correction and says sorry when he realizes he’s done something that I don’t approve of.  “oh sorry, sorry, sorry mommy, so sorry!”

He likes to help me but is usually more of a hinderance then a help.  I just let it go and praise his effort…he has a sweet heart, ooh a messy sweet heart.

We have one child that is much more a challenge then any of the others.  We wondered when he’d clue into this, how it would go between the two of them.

Yup.  He hopped on that clue bus by day three, “you!  you this not good!  you be good to mommyy!!!!  mommmy is good!!!  What is this, no good!!!!!”  Ah Ah Ah waving his arms around like a little director.

He enjoys all the children but definitely identifies himself with the boys.  The chinese girls are a mystery to him.  He set the table for me tonight and set 3 places with chop sticks.  I’m feeling like we need to train him in the roll of a big brother in our family.  It will come.

This third week has been a hard/good one.

saturday in the backyard. all ages, having fun. I’m so thankful.

One thing that has helped is the sense of community for Luke, seeing the same people a few times over, realizing that they are the friends we love and see most etc.  He loves to have friends over,, the more the merrier.  I was inside doing paperwork yesterday and said to Chris, “do you realize we have 17 children that we are responsible for right now?”  we love it.  We feel so blessed.

Luke is a little chef, making food and giving it to others is his love language.  He came running in from the big outside gang and said, “mom, my friends hungry!!”  It was precious.  So, he made his special sugar popcorn that he told me he made in mekele.  He brought it out in a huge bowl, beaming.  Friends. All ages.  Thank you God for community.

gigi and luke where the dinner helpers tonight. I left luke in changer of the pancakes. oh man, 3 massive pancakes. He laughed when he saw my face and said, “injira, mommy!!!!” the bread in ethiopia looks like that. we laughed…

He is learning to trust us.  I’ve let him make several mistakes so that he can understand that I’M ON HIS SIDE, MOM KNOWS.   Some of those mistakes….

he loves the laundry machines.  I told him to grab a soap “pod”  thingy to pop in the washer.  He stuck it in his mouth.  I said smiling, “nope, no food”  he said, “yes food, mommy, good food, sweet food, good”  “nope”  I said.  And after he began chewing (you should have seen his face!!!) he chalked one up to good ole mom.  cha ching!  Yup, you can trust me, Luke.  It’s soap.

making popcorn on the stove top, with sugar, he wants to use the HI setting.  “no HI  luke, popcorn black”  “no, mommy, HI no black.”  hummmmm what to do, what to do.  “okay, you popcorn, HI black popcorn”  meaning, go ahead Mr. know it all.  So there he goes, making his pop corn and wham!  He’s so dramatic, “OOOOOOOHHHH  WHAT IS THIS!!!!!! BLACK POPCORN NO NO NO OOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEE”  ~ “I told you SOOOO” :)  He definitely has in his head the way certain things should be done….

It’s fun. we are laughing alot and God is sustaining us.  He does and says such funny things…YOU HAVE to LAUGH!!  He thought that the people in the computer could see us…!

noah was dressed for his choir concert (hating every minute of it) and Luke was coming with me alone to watch it. He looks and Noah and laughs, “wow noah you so big!!!!!! oooooeeeeee!” they are very close in age. After this photo Luke said, “Noah, you circus boy!!”

He loves music and Toby Mac is his current repeat….getting old, so he uses the ipod and looks like a little dude.  But, to hear him sing to it as it’s in his ears is hilarious.

I have decided to put luke in school.  We would like him to be in the  3rd grade at our little local christian school where our girls go. Hopefully we can begin soon.  Down time is not good for Luke…He is dying to start school and is very much needing a schedule.

Everyone else is rolling along.  happy for another little brother to wrestle.  And the little girls are loving him up and praise him when he does something good.  Zinnia is the only one that I’ve noticed a change in.  She is super clingy everyday, hugging and hanging on my legs.  “mommy I love you so much.  Mommy I will love you forever and ever.  Mommy I’m gonna always live with you, ok?  mommy I’m SO GLAD you adopted me!!!!”  SEVERal times a day.  So, I know what she needs!!  mom hugs which i love, words of affirmation.

He had a piece of candy from a restaurant and he said, “this one, lainee, lainee good”  he’s sweet and things lainee is so funny.

Christopher and Luke

I’ve clued in that he does best with routine.  So we’ve made some adjustments in  our daily routine to bring some kind of sameness to each day.  He asked if he can sit in the same chair everyday.  great!  fine!  you need that security right now?  bless your heart, have it forever!!!

Also, we have discovered that something is not right about Luke’s ears.  He’s been to the ENT and could have it accessed so we are putting oil in his ears for a few weeks and coming back.  black suff flakes out and luke talks loud and like a person who has hearing loss, a bit.  I asked him and it was one of those stories he lost me in….fire, me tree, me black nut put one in each ear, hot fire….um…what is in this child’s ears???

sorry so long,

much more, but too much.

love and thanks to God’s goodness to me, I’m feeling so blessed.



5 Responses to “some more on luke”

  1. godsizedliving November 5, 2012 at 6:38 am #

    Love this post and the kids and I loved looking at the updated pictures! What a special guy Luke is!! Wow–he’s busy!! Sounds a little like my life chasing a curious 2 year old around!!! So many new, fun “machines” to check out. Love it. You’re a GOOD Mom!!

  2. julie November 5, 2012 at 11:55 am #

    LOVE this update. You handle things so well and with a good dose of necessary humor. I laughed so hard at the three sets of chopsticks! I also hear a bit too much TobyMac. My nine year old sings “I’ll be packin’ my bags….” so many times each day! You are a special mommy. Your have a way of inspiring mommy’s to have more patience with their own tiny handful of kiddos. Thanks so much!!

  3. margie moore November 5, 2012 at 12:59 pm #

    I love your stories and always look forward to reading! So thankful Luke is adjusting well. Much love to you all.

    • kristi November 5, 2012 at 7:56 pm #


  4. Dan November 6, 2012 at 10:33 am #

    Hello, you don’t know me, but I have my own “Luke” and you just made me feel so much better and I had to laugh reading you post…My wife and I adopted at 10 year old from China….I totally understand the tree, fire….sometimes I get lost with my son….I just smile…thanks for sharing and loving an older child.

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