20 Nov

Hey everyone! I’m just gonna stick random photos in here, not really going with the text.

time for an update here at Seven from Heaven.

My sister teased that maybe I shouldn’t change the name of the blog,

since one of my 8 doesn’t always feel heaven sent…

But we KNOW each child is a gift from God in heaven, regardless of how we feel in the day to day.

This life is full, rewarding and hard.  good-hard.


I’m happy to report that all is well.

super special zinnia. the note she gave me today. sweet

My main focus as been the children these last weeks, getting to know my Luke and meeting the needs of the others.

Christmas is right around the corner and I’m trying desperately to keep it simple and to keep on top of gifts that need to be purchased and given to others.

Each child will get 3 gifts and a stocking.

I’m keeping a notebook and taking photos discreetly of things that the children point out to me in Targ*t or wherever, so that I don’t forget.

Luke’s birthday is 2 days after Christmas!

He is very, very sweet.  Talkative and hilariously expressive.  It is amazing that we can communicate all day and understand eachother.  The way he talks is just adorable.

He is constantly making me laugh with the funny things he says and does.

His new thing is pizza.  HE LOVES making and eating pizza!

luke reading his ethiopian bible

I began calling him “sugar” because I told him he was sweet like sugar.  He does this precious “ooooo mommy, you so good” thing that has me wrapped around his finger.  He got out of Chris’ car and ran up to the house saying, “Mommy!!! Sugar, where are you????”  and in the car yesterday his said, “oh mommy, honey, thank you so much for gatorade!!!”  Noah was quick to correct, “dude!  you don’t call mom honey!”

my 2 ten year olds playing basket ball at the college gym. they go back and forth about who is older…we are avoiding the subject and praying about making Luke a year younger. We had 2 different birthdates from ethiopia. they get along great. I’m so thankful for Gigi’s heart.

He has started school, third grade (as a 10.5 year old).  It’s only been a few days but he is liking it so far.  He looks the same size as everyone else.

His teacher reported that in the lunch room he announced to the table of 12 boys, “EVERYBODY! WE PRAY!!!” and proceeded to pray outloud in his native language.  She said it was so sweet, the whole room in chaos and 12 little heads bowed.

He is resourceful.  Wow.  He comes up with crazy ways of trying to fix things.

When I saw him undress after church on Sunday he had Gigi’s dress sash through his belt loops, under his sweater, he said he found it in the laundry room.

Although we can communicate I’ve very, very ready for him to understand more English.

I have much I want to train him in, things that I want him to understand.

I’m not discouraged by the time frame but just ready to deeply communicate with him.

He has shared much, much, much about Ethiopia and his birth place and family.

Luke has a big brother and sister who are close in age to him.  From what I understand they were sent to his uncle when the parents died.  Luke made a long hike to Gabe’s orphan home with his uncle and said goodbye.  He prays for them and it makes me cry.  This morning he asked in near tears if someday we could go to see them, because he is worried that “maybe my brother he has not big food, maybe very, very hungry my brother, my sister.”  oooo.  real life.  So, we pray.  We pray daily for his friends, the brother set who is waiting  for a family.

A few times he has had a feud with one of the others and it’s hard to say sorry.  But he always does and we grow.

Noah began basketball and is loving every minute of it.

Yesterday Noah turned 12!

out to eat for noah’s birthday last night. Elizabeth our super special friend came with us. we love you, elizabeth!

We love you noah and are so proud of you. what a blessing you are to our family!

Jonah turns 14 on Saturday!

mimi continues to grow and grow. Little zinnie is tiny. I’m so glad that we changed her birthday and held her back in school. God bless her. These two are great friends. Thank you God for this relationship.

Christopher and Jonah have started up tennis again now that XC has finished up.

my luke made a garden in our mulch. he is so excited to grow sweet potatoes and carrots. He worked so hard and told me all about his little plot in ethiopia. snow will shock him

Mimi continues to excel at gymnastics.

Gigi had her first orchestra concert, she play for the public school’s 5th grade orchestra as a homeschooler.

Lainee and Zinnia are doing really well.  Zinnia will not be a rocket scientist but the precious girl has the most beautiful heart, truly loving Jesus, I see so much fruit in her life. (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and selfcontrol).

Luke will have surgery or a procedure done in the hospital on one of his ears next week.

love you sugar~

We have been to the ear doctor a few times to try to remove an object from his right ear.

It’s getting bigger.

He puts up a massive fight, crying and screaming when the doctor tries to remove it.

It looks like it may be sprouting!

At the doctors office today luke told us that he put it in there when he was 9 ( a year ago???) and that it was a seed off a tree he was climbing!

I cannot wait to see what that thing is!

What a difference it will make in his hearing.

Yes, the Jones children’s lives have been so enriched by these 4 adoptions~

all 10 of us now know how to say “fart” in Chinese AND tigrynia.  Ah yes.

~luke’s been running in the mornings, early, by himself.  He has a little route he does.  I cannot keep up with him.  The boy LOVES to run, and he’s fast.  He told me one day a police officer pulled him over and asked questions.

~my braces came off but i’m still numb and “off” feeling in my face, I know it was the right thing to do and will be better in the long run. I’ve had no headaches and my molars touch for the first time!

this was my natural bite. my mouth a few days before my surgery.

luke came with me the day i got my braces off. he took this photo in the car and said, “oo mommy! you #1 teeth Wheat*n college!!!”

~SUPER exciting:  Gabe, the man who ran Luke’s orphanage came to our town!  he spent a week here and we got to see him a few times.  It was so special for all three of the boys.  Praise God for the partnership.  i’m so blessed.

joseph, luke, Gabe, Sam after the boys soccer game. amazing. special

Gabe got to meet the rest of our children and see Luke’s new house.  He gave Luke a bag of wheat cooked over a fire.  Luke was so excited.  in preparation for Gabe’s arrival Luke took all his halloween candy and the money he earned from raking leaves and put together a package for Gabe and his wife Connie and 4 of the children left in Ethiopia at the transition home: Goosh and marta and Buruk and Fikir.  I was so touched.

The package Luke put together for Gabe to bring to Ethiopia. Inside is all of his halloween candy, letters to 4 friends still there, a handful of our pens and several sheets of blank paper, and the money I paid him for raking leaves. Gabe opened it and said, “ah, the boy knows paper and pens are a real treat for us!” and luke had told me earlier, “mommy!!!! jones family pen, pen, pen, pen ,pen! Ethiopia no pens!” wow. what a journey.

the boys and gabe at an open house at our friends

Luke came home one night after having icecream out with Gabe and said, “mommy, wheat*n very, very very good.”  I knew Gabe had encouraged him.  He said goodbye and had a huge smile on his face.  No tears or weirdness.

joseph, sam and luke~

Tomorrow we head south for thanksgiving with Chris’ family in TN.

All the children are over the top excited.  Luke said to me today, “AH!!! me Tennessee!  AH!  Mommy!  My this one AHHHH!!! (“this one” pointing to his stomach).  I said, “that’s called excited!”

Chris is so special to me.  Sunday he leaned over and pointed in his Bible 2 Corinthians 4, where he had underlined it.  “Read this,” he said.. I felt beat up by a tantrum one of the children had on the way out the door that morning.

Maybe you could read it as an encouragement as well.


4 Responses to “”

  1. nicole November 22, 2012 at 7:48 am #

    thx for the update. i check opten. we have a 5th grader playing in the elementary school orchestra as a HS as well. sure wish we were closer… xoxo on our time to reflect on being thankful.

  2. Amy MacAdam November 23, 2012 at 12:42 pm #

    Always fun to see all the extras going on in your family. I love how you write with the expressiveness of how Luke speaks. I can just imagine it all :-) So funny!

  3. roomforatleastonemore November 24, 2012 at 9:40 pm #

    So thankful to read this update. And oh my he is just precious! It is so wonderful you have connections to his friends from Ethiopia. And his gift to the children who still wait is just so touching. He gets it for sure. He has lived it.

    I am going to show this to our children, who lose pens and pencils all the time. We just take so much for granted, but how to teach them not to??? I did go on a pen/pencil buying hiatus, and they were using nubs of pencils and looking under couch cushions LOL! That did help the perspective.

    I am sorry your mouth is still feeling off. My Dad’s face feels so much better 3 years after his surgery than it did one year out and even two years out. I pray yours continues to heal and feel again.

    I hope your travels to my neck of the woods were most enjoyable. The weather has been absolutely beautiful in Middle Tennessee. Not sure which part of the state you were in, but hope it was great!

  4. Shelby December 1, 2012 at 8:00 pm #

    SO glad Luke is doing so well!!! Love your updates!! Noah’s cake is AWESOME! We love the Bulls at our house too! (my cousin Kyle played for them last year!) Keep the updates coming! :) :) God Bless!!

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