30 Jan

my friend katie and her husband todd have passed court in ethiopia and arrived home safely.  They will travel back to bring their two new children home in a couple months.  Luke is so excited and so are we.

It really is so special and amazing that God has brought these 5 children who have lived together for several years in the same orphan home to the same community.  It’s very very special.

Luke has been great.  He cried a bit for the first time since before christmas.  He was hunched over in a chair, tears falling, him wiping.  “Tell mom why you are sad, Luke”..he said, “i don’t know??? sad.”  Then later he told dad that he felt sad thinking about his brother and sister (ages maybe 12 and 11) still in Ethiopia.

Chris and I cannot imagine our table with out these children around it.  what a blessing.  thank you so much, God.

Chris and I cannot imagine our table with out these children around it. what a blessing. thank you so much, God.  (girls are daily playing dress up, this is indian-pilgrim-teacher)  :)

I cannot imagine.

He is so happy and thankful to be in our family.  He says regularly, “mom!!!  today i am so glad!”

However, he is beginning to see his life’s story in a new way.

He was the one sibling sent away to live with Gabe and Connie in the orphan home, the others stayed with the aunt and uncle who he loved.

He describes the long walk to the orphanage, the crying, his anger and confusion.  He tried to run away several times.  He was the one.  He felt unspecial, unloved, abandoned.

However, after he learned of Jesus and became a Christian he began to pray for what he says, “a better opportunity in North America, for a family.”

So, now he is here, and happy and well taken care of.  And he wrestles with, “why me?”.

Because you are special, loved and found by God and the Joneses.  He is very thankful and very aware of God’s goodness in His life.

2 days ago he told me that he would bring children into his big house when he is a “man-doctor-30 years old”.  He doesn’t know the word adoption yet but I know that’s what he meant.

He said that the first children he would adopt would be his big brother and sister.

He calls them by name and prays for them to have enough food when he prays aloud with me before bed.  oh my!  My children are complaining about what kind of casserole I made while luke eats it up and says thankyou, knowing he could be the hungry one.  He remembers, he knows.  That is reality.  Children needing the love of a family.  Families needing to love an orphan.

It is a very special job to be Luke’s mom.  I love it.

I am so thankful we didn’t miss this.

He prays and prays for his friend “Abel” one of the last friends who has not yet been adopted.  Todd and Katie got to spend time with Abel last week and sent luke several updated photos.  We pray with heavy hearts this week for Abel to be “able” to come to our community.  There would be such a great support for his new family, and friends for him.

Luke is the only one of our 8 children who has never asked us to adopt again.

If he ever asked me to find out about his siblings, I would, he hasn’t.

Oh.  if he ever asked us to give the extra boy’s bed in our house to Abel…Oh.  To let Abel sit in the extra seat in the big van.  Oh. To, “please mom, bring Abel to JOnes family.”  Oh. Oh.  my heart.  I just don’t think I could say no.

I just do NOT want to be one who says NO to a specific child who needs a home, especially when my Luke asks.

My heart is on the floor over this, my friends.

Please, is there anyone in our community who happens to be reading this and has any kind of nudging right now toward this boy?  oh the huge gift God has for someone.  We would be there for you, supporting you, as would the other friends who have adopted the other children.

He real, he’s “very very good boy” says Luke Jones.  He’s praying for you, for a family in our area.

I have photos.  You can email me ljones500@yahoo.com and I could get you in touch with my friend Katie.

Because HE LIVES and reigns and in Heaven above and will one day call us all home~

Because of Jesus.



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  1. sasha January 30, 2013 at 6:51 pm #

    Thankful for you! :)

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