photos! weird, words all over!

31 Jan

Image Imagethe children christmas afternoon.  some did jps all day…ah.  the children surprised us with a play acting out the christmas story from the bible!  It was precious and thoughtful.  Thank you children!

ImageImagephotos from Disney.  I told you Luke didn’t like it so much…ImageImageI got to meet Sonia, a blog friend over at His Hands, His feet, cheaper by the half dozen.  Look at her 3 from China and my 3 from China.  Two of her boys and Lainee and Zinnia are from the same orphanage!  Aren’t they precious?  We met up at our hotel and went out to eat after swimming.ImageImagethen Christmas came a few days later!  This photo was taken Christmas morning.  Luke’s first Christmas.  I really don’t like christmas trees and my family doesn’t like to decorate them.  So, i did it all by myself this year.  Boys brought the tree in on christmas eve, mom decorated it and even did the lights.  Bam, Christmas morning shortly after the last gift was opened…down fell my tree.  Perfect, “take it away!!”  I had put all the lights and ornaments on, well you get the idea…up, down, done. the back of that tree was naked…”duh!”Imagethis is luke floored after getting a bike for his birthday 2 days after christmas.  it was so fun to surprise him.  He lay on the ground and cried! and cried.  it was amazing for us all to watch his reaction.ImageImageImageImageImagethe girls and their friend, sunday brunchImage6 of the children are playing basketball right now.  Luke loves every minute.  He used grandparent christmas money to buy bball shoes, his first purchase and this week he learned how to tie his shoes!!

ImageChris got to take the older 3 boys to ski for a long weekend.  I was so happy for them.  Luke was terrified to sleep in his room alone, so he slept on the floor next to me each night.  ImageI could hardly take my eyes off of him.  I got teary.  He’s a gift.Imageoh boy, watch out!ImageImagejonah and christopher at our favorite mexican place out west.  Boy, I missed my guys.  It was strange having just the girls and Luke. Our group seemed so much smaller!  Elizabeth and I took them ice skating and out to eat and to a movie.  “Are all 5 of these children yours?”  “Yes, they are all mine and there are five different fathers” (hee, hee)  oh! the scandal, the rumors, the shock.  ha haImagemy new nephew and niece!  woo hoo!Imagemy brother sent me this photo from the day they went to court in Ghana, they have to take the children with them.  His little girl was wearing this dress.  “laura”oooo, sweet.

Imagesunday morning all in black and white

Imagechris and I last weekend heading to his work (post)Christmas party.  Thanks for continuing to pray for this boy called Abel in Ethiopia.  i will keep you posted.

God loves you


2 Responses to “photos! weird, words all over!”

  1. Tobi Wright January 31, 2013 at 9:58 pm #

    Great pictures! You and Chris are doing an amazing job with your family, it’s obvious. Your brother’s kids, how sweet! Your smile looks gorgeous by the way, surely your mouth feels better by now, right? Praying for you to get well soon. BTW, we have a MOWCYA court date, March 8th. We should travel to meet our son around March 20th, Lord willing! Lots of rambling on my part……….Thanks for sharing the fun!!! Tobi

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