moving 4 minute video

26 Feb

hey people!

Zinnia during Nana and Grandpa's Happy Birthday Jesus ceremony.  Thank you God for Zinnia Joy.

Zinnia during Nana and Grandpa’s Happy Birthday Jesus ceremony. Thank you God for Zinnia Joy.

How we are:

-My family has been sharing strep throat back and forth since mid december.  I think someone has been on antibiotics/probiotics since our disney trip.

-growing.  Luke has outgrown the size 8 everything I bought him in October.  He’s strong and healthy and eating.  His favorites are “white waffles”  not the healthy buckwheat organic kinds (yuk).  bread and honey, dates, vegetables, milk, grilled chicken, cheesy crackers.  He’s becoming much more responsible, although yesterday at 7:30 am it was 17 degrees.  we could not find his jacket anywhere!  He had left it in the back yard over night but we didn’t find out in time.  It was not the first time that Luke has gone to school in a sweatshirt….

-growing in character.  When our kids annoy us or rub us the wrong way (which happens often in a big family) Chris and I are so aware of our sin, in ways we would not otherwise.  Recently Chris told me in the morning, “I didn’t sleep!  My sin is in the light, brought up by some of our difficult personalities!”  We are broken and it’s good.  I’m thankful, actually.  I am constantly telling the children that we GROW in struggles, in trials, that it’s there that God meets us, is with us, that’s how we grow.  Gigi said last week in frustration, “I DONT want to grow ANYMORE!!!!!”  all I could do was hug her and say, “me either.”

-We are praying and praying for all the children left waiting for a family, and praying for the families to step up, could that be your family?  It’s exciting.   Our good friends have committed to bring Abel home from Luke’s transition home!!  I looked through my photos from my trip there and found a photo of Abel under one of my arms and Luke under the other.  I would never have dreamed that I was hugging my friends son.  Halleluiah!  I also had videoed Luke and Abel praying with the other children at the orphanage with bowls of white mush in front of them.  It’s so special to have that video of Abel for his family.  Speed the way, Lord!

Zinnia said in tears last week, hands on her cheeks, just sobbing, overcome ,”oh mommy I am so glad that you adopted me!!!  What if I was still in china in the crib bed???  I didn’t know about God and Jesus!!!  Nobody knows there!!!!  I am so happy for my family!!!”  Seriously.  Seriously.  we cannot imagine life without Zinnia.

Take the step, God will close the door if it is not His thing…(but i think it is)

Please watch this video!  You will cry, it is so beautiful….sniff, sniff.


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