10 Mar


IMG_3448 IMG_3458 IMG_3475 IMG_3454 IMG_3452Our first grader, Lainee, Loves to read.

She’s hasn’t quite been home for 2 years, but almost.

As we approach the last week of March my mind naturally travels back to China, thinking about our trip to bring the girls home.

It is so encouraging, they have come a LONG way, they really have.

When you adopt older children, time is ON YOU SIDE.  Dont’ be discouraged.  Time  softens the rough adjustment.  You will settle in, you will.

Just about everyday, for two years now, when Lainee is in the car, lainee is sleeping, on the way home from school, DAILY~

we must have over 100 shots, it’s still so funny to us.

love you Lainee!  Great reading!!!IMG_3349


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  1. kjomo March 10, 2013 at 2:17 pm #

    Reading will open doors and take her to places she can only dream of! I was a reader, too. Always, every night, “Just 10 more minutes”? or “Mama, Can I just finish this chapter, I only have 3 pages left”? And, I remember books in detail. I can say: “It was on page 52, the right hand page in the 3rd chapter.” Scary to some, my memory is.
    In fact, I read a book in 2nd grade called “Ready-made Family”, by Frances Saloman Murphy. That is when my heart became drawn to adoption and foster care! And, get this…I just ordered it on eB*y! It’s arrived on Sat., old and yellowed, but in great shape. Second release, date 1966 and it sold for 50 cents back then. And, I bought it for 50cents, plus shipping. Just thought I’d share that since it’s related to your post on children and reading. : )
    I’ve been praying for your family, that the strep is Gone!! Hope all of you are feeling well. Hugs, Laura! ~ Jo

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