good job mom!

10 Mar

Imagesunday’s nearly over and I’m not feeling ready for the week ahead.

it’s a very busy week.

I’m frustrated that I’m having a hard time remembering everything that needs to be accomplished, and when it needs to happen.  I’m never on top, but always feel under, behind, trying to catch up.

Over the weekend I didn’t get done a fraction of what I was hoping to accomplish.  when i’m out running errands i’m feeling guilty that i’m not using the weekend hours to connect with the schooled kids, especially the adopted children.  When I’m home connecting with them my mind is off on my “todo” list, making me feel antsy and distracted, feeling guilty that I haven’t done what needs to be done so we don’t fall behind.  AHHH!


My homeschool kids are in a play this week, it’s a big event, with extra rehearsals and responsibilities.  

Sometimes it’s hard for me to know what is most important, I feel stretched in so many ways, it all seems important.  it all is important.

This weekend I really felt the jolt of 8 schedules to keep track of.  The jump from 5 to 8 happened so quickly for me, I’m still trying to learn the best ways to keep it all straight and organized.  In many ways homeschooling the whole group would be much easier then keeping up with what the schooled children’s teachers require, and going to a Christian school where parent involvement is vital to make things go.  It feels like a lot. 

We showed up for a birthday party a day early this weekend.

Gigi’s friends showed up for her party a day early.


I have two large white board calendars on the counter in the kitchen that hold our happenings.  But when I’m out and about and get a notice email on my phone I don’t have anywhere to write what I just read and I forget about it…

I’ve tried carrying around a daily planner, and also putting things on my phone’s calendar but its not working out, obviously.  i need ONE calendar, i just need to remember to check emails regularly and write things down.

Does anyone else feel like they can’t keep it all straight because of technology?  I miss the paper news letters home from school, I miss the paper invitations to birthday parties.  

Gotta rest, tomorrow starts up a busy week.  

two new children home sick now.  I don’t think it’s strep…this has been the pattern for so long, we will wait and see…

told luke to change the sheets on his bed today.  Just went down to tuck him in and pray over him.  He had taken all the old sheets off and was lying on the bare mattress with a bed skirt on top of him rolled all up in it, he said he had found it in a cupboard in the laundry room.  I laughed and laughed. I said that we don’t sleep with that and he said, “no mom!  it’s okay, I like it, it’s pretty.”  we changed the sheets proper-like together.  we prayed together and he grabs my neck hard and kisses my cheek.  I say every night, “luke jones, you are doing a good job.  new family, new language, new school, snow, new clothes, you are doing a GOOD JOB!” (even though I feel like we have so far to go) and he always says, “thank you mom.”  But tonight it touched me, he said, “thank you, mom.  YOU are doing a good job, mom, GOOD JOB MOM!!”

I needed that.



6 Responses to “good job mom!”

  1. Beckie Johnson (Nana to Seth, 3 & Oliver, 1) March 11, 2013 at 12:42 am #

    Reading your post today brought tears to my eyes, hearing Luke’s encouraging comments to you. From my perspective, you’re doing a GREAT job! Your posts are encouraging to me, an adoptive mom of a daughter (almost 17) from China (and 4 birth children), who has Hep B, requiring frequent hospital visits, but no blood transfusions like you deal with. Currently dealing with elevated liver enzymes, praying God will normalize them but knowing that may not be His plan. I do pray for you and your family. Whenever I think I am in over my head, I can always think of others who are much worse off than I. I have it so good. If I were younger, I would totally adopt again… (I am turning 60 this year). Thank you for sharing your story with others…I have been encouraged. Isaiah 41:10 has been the verse God has used more than any other to encourage me through the years: Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

  2. Leslie King Weaver March 11, 2013 at 9:19 am #

    God love you for posting! I am a busy mom of four boys under age 9, with one having special needs. I totally understand everything you expressed and sometimes I feel no one really understands. But, thank you for grounding me back to concentrating on MY blessings and that I am not alone;)
    As for the scheduling, I have placed a calander on my kitchen wall, 4’X6′ in size. I then covered with clear contact paper. I use different colored dry erase markers for each schedule- kids, mom, dad, etc. I made 1″ numbers and covered them also, and use a glue stick so I can change every month. Just an idea, has helped me ALOT;)

  3. Sherri March 11, 2013 at 9:30 am #

    Isn’t God so good, to give us these precious little nuggets from our children?! You ARE a good mom but I completely understand the feelings of doubt and disorganization. “Lord, fill in the cracks of our failures, smooth over the rough places, cover the huge gaps, that we so often leave in our wake, with your Love, remove our doubts, and give us peace in knowing you are so very able to do this. Amen”

  4. Carolyn W. March 11, 2013 at 2:51 pm #

    Laura, I don’t know how you keep up with it all the way you do! I don’t think I’d get to anything on the right day! I struggle to stay on top of things with just half the number of kids! Blessings to you and all you do each day! It’s been great reading more frequent updates. I love to learn from the bits and pieces that you share from your life! I noticed your blog title is still “seven from heaven” — what about something like “Pieces of Eight” (like the spanish treasure . . . okay, maybe not the best idea) but I was trying to think of something that would include all eight kids!

  5. nicole March 11, 2013 at 2:59 pm #

    hey girl! i feel your chaos. we went to a phone/computer calendar last fall. with the foster kids, 2 ballet, 2 comp soccer it was time. i still miss things. so we print one each week and put it on the fridge. each night i go back through emails and update the changes because as you know, some apply to the moment and others to the future. i keep telling the kids to plan on me messing us and then they will have a chance to act out grace :-)

    how about some hired help??? to run errands, clean things, meal prep so you can connect and keep your wits. we just got a teenage HS gal to come once a week to help with cleaning ( i still like my kids to do the majority of it) but she also organizes and preps meals.

    maybe decrease activities for the season??? i know hard to do but maybe needed.

    looks like you are doing great from here! keep up all that luv’in!

  6. Carrie March 11, 2013 at 9:54 pm #

    I have been meaning to tell you that when we brought MG home form Ethiopia we went through a four month sickness. At some point in there we had strep (i did twice) but so much other stuff as well. Husband in ER, Caleb at children’s hospital for all sorts of tests, it was bad. Honestly I have such little recollection of those first months home. Anyway, I say that because what yall are going through just reminded me of it. What was so weird was that MG never really got it that bad. Dr. said it was an Ethiopian virus that we brought home that kept circulating and causing other knock offs like strep and flu like stuff. SHe had bette immunities to it than we did. Anyway, just thought I would share in case it brings light to anything. Thanks for this post, having an overwhelming week here too. You are doing such a beautiful job, you get so much RIGHT! Luke was right, good job mama! Love to you all and thanks for the update, each time I get frustrated this week with our craziness I will be praying for you!

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