17 Mar

My family has had someone sick for forever.

nothing serious, nothing that antibiotics doesn’t kill.

The girls were transfused on Friday.

Then Saturday Lainee suddenly spiked a 104.4 fever out of nowhere.

no symptoms.  Just high fever, laying around.

This morning Chris and I decided to fast and pray for our family’s health and Lainee especially, for wisdom on our part, to know what to do, who to call etc.

We’ve been keeping our eye on her and today when I checked her and the thermometer read 105.2 Chris scooped her up in her bare feet and jammies and we were off to the ER.

On the way I called her pediatric hemo.  doctor.  He told me that she needed to be seen but that this had nothing to do with the blood she was given on friday.  He was wonderful, telling me that he would call the ER ahead of us to tell them what they needed to do with her.

From now on we will ALWAYS do this whenever we need to take Zinnia or Lainee to a hospital.  Other times we have had to bring them in it’s like the staff is in a panic wondering how to handle them.  taking all kinds of blood test etc. (hello!  we do not want ANY extra blood out of these girls!)

Chris came with me, I insisted that he didn’t need to but now I’m glad.  As we walked in they got us right back to a nurse who was checking us in.  Within one minute our pediatric hem. nurse who has given lainee countless transfusions upstair in the hemotology clinic arrived in the room, “Hey lainee!  What’s goin’ on???  I’ll take her in room 5” and away we went.  My mind was racing….why is Deb here at this hour, in this department????  Did our doctor tell her to get herself to the hospital at this hour??? She quickly smiled and explained that it was her first night at her new position.  She left the clinic and was now an ER nurse!  She’s one of our favorite nurses because she is so fast!  She was the only one there who knew how to access Lainee’s port to check for infection tonight.  It was crazy amazing.  We all could not believe it.  and then to have her be talking back and forth on the phone with Lainee’s doctor who she already knew!IMG_3633

Thank you God.  He clearly paved the way for a smooth ER visit.

very special evening for lainee.  We had our date night with her at the ER :)

very special evening for lainee. We had our date night with her at the ER :)

Lainee is NOT contagious which is a great thing.  They gave her antibiotics via her port and ran other tests, no strep, no flu (like big brother had last week), but her urine showed significant infection, so we will follow up with her hemo. next.  they sent us home and now Lainee is resting well.  I think she will be fine.  we are hoping it is just a UTI.

I’m so thankful that God brought Debbie to us tonight.  it was a wonderful, fast, simple trip to the ER. I’ll keep you posted.IMG_3637


2 Responses to “”

  1. Carrie March 18, 2013 at 2:32 pm #

    Yuck, so sorry, praying!

  2. joy portis March 18, 2013 at 2:45 pm #

    Praying for healing for you all!

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