patience please…under construction over here!

20 Mar

thank you to those of you who offered to help me with my blog.

you are so thoughtful.

Today my brother, (look what he taught me to do) John, stopped over to help me out.  If you click on his name it links you to his adoption blog!  I’ve always wondered how to do that.  After you stop over at his place pray specifically for his kids passports to be processed in Ghana!  thanks.

This here blog is a work in progress,

I still need to update photos but it’s gonna have to wait!

Lots happening around her as we wrap up this week and get ready for our spring break trip.

I’ll be posting, it should be…


But for now I’ll leave you with something my Luke Jones said to me yesterday as he squeezed my neck.

“mom, ok mom, you are my REAL mom.  Yes you are!  I love you Real Mom!”

It made my heart flutter for sure.

“You are my REAL son!”

Luke's team praying just before his game.  Behind him is coach "uncle John" my brother and coach dad is on the end.  John's son brayden was also on the team.  Basketball is Luke's life right now.  He LOVES it.

Luke’s team praying just before his game. Behind him is coach “uncle John” my brother and coach dad is on the end. John’s son brayden was also on the team. Basketball is Luke’s life right now. He LOVES it.

Someone asked me last night how Luke feels about being the only black person in our family and how my other children feel about having a black sibling.

My mind went ????  and my face tried not too.

All I could say was, “it’s not an issue.”

But of corse now my mind has thought of all sorts of answers.

I think it’s something that we don’t ever think about but I’m realizing that maybe the outsider looking in wonders about.

I should interview my kids on the topic, that would be interesting.

Luke has only said one thing about black and white.

He’s said, “mom!  white people are so very very smart!”  and “mom!  Black people are number one at sports”.

I think back to a childhood song my mom played for us over and over:

In the very middle you’re a lot like me.  

A shining personality!

The clothes and the skin, 

are just a coverin’ !

Cuz in the very middle you’re a lot like me!

Interesting how God planted that in our minds all those years ago


4 Responses to “patience please…under construction over here!”

  1. Wendy March 20, 2013 at 4:56 pm #

    I love your blog and I lurk about it every few days. Today you wrote something that just made my heart sad. Speaking of your encounter with a person who question how it feels to have someone who does not look like you live in your family. When we thought about adopting, we looked at all the different countries. We knew we wanted a daughter as we have three sons and wanted some pink in the house. I found my daughter and she is from China. I never gave it a thought myself. When I look at my daughter, I see, well my daughter. What I learned is when other people look at her, they see a Chinese girl. I had to learn to really work on teaching my daughter that it does not matter. I had to talk to her about how she feels about being Chinese and we being Caucasian and I found out that it did bother her. Had others never said anything to me, I would never have given it a thought. I also learned to be very receptive of kids in groups and the fact that in one school she was in, she was the only noncaucasian person in the school. I guess what I am saying is while I do think it is quite rude for someone to make a comment like that, it is the sad reality and after I got over being disappointed in others for caring about races, I learned to look at it as an opportunity to pay more attention to how it might feel for my daughter. Now I just tell people, “God made my daughter in China for me to raise in America. Isn’t she beautiful?”

    • March 20, 2013 at 10:04 pm #

      I agree! I have had the same conversations with my adopted children. I was more surprised at myself and realized that I had better think of something to say in reply. It was a friend who I really never see anymore who asked me the question in genuine, honest, curiosity. She was sweet and sincere and not the least bit rude. I was disappointed in myself, not the woman. I would love to post about how we feel at some point. Day in and day out it’s just not on my radar, but you are correct, when we go out we do get looks and questions. Thanks for chiming in, Wendy!

  2. godsizedliving March 20, 2013 at 8:12 pm #

    Ah, yes, good ole’ Carol Johnson! I loved that cassette tape. :)
    the blog is lookin good! Good work L and J. Your 8 ARE great!

  3. Carrie March 21, 2013 at 8:29 am #

    SO glad you got some good blog help, it is looking great! Oh this is so familiar to me. For years now every time we go anywhere we get stopped and asked some pretty crazy questions. I see it now as my mission field- Target, Walmart, the Grocery. Although some days I would rather just get my groceries than explain that “no I am not the nanny and no I don’t run an in the home day care, and yes they are mine.” God is gracious and works through my impatience and some days my frustration to show the world that family is not about ours and mine, but about Him and His.

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