22 Mar


Mr. Chris, Mr. wonderful Chris.

He sent me ahead by 2 days to our spring break destination.

I’m over feeling guilty about it.  In fact,

I’m beginning to feel like Laura again.

Hello, my name is Laura!

What a gift.

I woke up, alone, and found a chinese email in my box.  I can’t read any of it but I sure did start clickin’ around.

there are about 16 photos of my Zinnia in China!



Thank you, Longgang.

I still have so many questions for them.

A few of the photos were of papers with chinese writing all over them.  I’ll get that translated.

Most of the photos were not very old.  In fact, it looked like they had all been taken right before we got there, two years ago.

There are no photos of Lainee Grace.  Only one that I have seen before.

I know that Lainee was a rascal for her foster family.  She needed much training, she was a frisky, bossy little thing with the voice of a MAN when we met her.  She has some pretty rough stories about her foster family, the mom especially.  I’m not surprised that no photos were snapped of her.  And the foster mother was not transformed by Christ, I can hardly blame her.  God bless her, reveal yourself to her.

Oh, my lovely Lainee.  The transformation is amazing.

I’m wondering how long they were in foster care.  I would love to be able to piece some info together for each of them.

So they have a little something from their past.

I also got thisproxy.do

hum….looks like Zinnia’s writing to me, I’ll have to ask her.  Laura?  is that me?

A few days ago was the annual Boys’Brigade pine box car race at our church.  Wednesday are Noah’s best day.  I hate to think that this is his last year, then off to the junior high group.  Chris has been his class’ leader for years.

Now Luke loves it too.  He came running in from the race.  Yelling, “mom! mom! my car PRETTY!!!”

He just could not be any cuter.  Mr. Yummy.  His car won 3rd place for style.  "pretty" indeed. thank you God!  My boy is so happy.

He just could not be any cuter. Mr. Yummy. His car won 3rd place for style. “pretty” indeed. thank you God! My boy is so happy.  When I tucked him in on his high loft bed I noticed that he had tucked in the trophy right next to him in the bed. “you gonna sleep with it, Luke?”  “Yes, Im gonna sleep with it, mom.  wow.  it’s so pretty!”

I feel like layers and layers of chaos are falling off of me.

I think I’m gonna just sit here and look out the window and talk with my Lord,

since I can.

I’m an introvert more then an extrovert, being alone charges my battery.

Charge me up, LORD!  WOOOW!  Charge me up…

I’m gonna need it tomorrow.


“The grace of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, be with you all….”


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  1. Celia March 22, 2013 at 10:04 am #

    Hello, I come from Hong Kong. Those Chinese Characters written on Zinnia’s photo is the Company’s name of the photo studio. It’s named “Lin Yuan” in Chinese. Full name is “Lin Yuan Photo Studio”. The Chinese before the number means Print number.

    • Celia March 22, 2013 at 10:15 am #

      by the way, I can translate the email for you. Just for thank you for adopted those Chinese girls ang giving them a loving home.

  2. Celia March 23, 2013 at 3:27 am #

    Please send to my gmail account and I will do the translation for you. My English is not good enough, maybe there will be some grammatical errors on the letter.

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