my day alone~

23 Mar


I spent my entire day outside!

It was wonderful.

Skiing is my all-time favorite thing to do!IMG_3653

The snow was great.  I skiied fast!

I felt like I was 16 again.

That orange mesh sign near the chair lift line that reads “SLOW”?  Oh it still tempts me to go as fast as I can and as close as I can to the sign which turns into a racing gate in my mind.

The  blue mesh sign that reads, “no jumping” ?  OOOOO that still translates in my mind, “this is a great place to lift off!”

It was c.o.l.dIMG_3652

I prayed all day.

God brought to mind several families who are waiting and waiting to hear about traveling to bring home their new adopted children.

one is my sister.

would you take a minute to pray about their situation?

We want to pray their little guy, Zeke, HOME!!

thank you!

When I stopped to eat lunch I chatted with Chris who had just left our house and was headed west.  He said, “are you loving it? did you cry on your way down?”  YES! He knows me well.

I remember my family ski trips as a child-teenager.  On the last run down for the season my googles always steamed up, I would cry, and tell God thank you for making the best mountain for me to enjoy.

I have to believe that he delights in seeing me enjoy his creation, on my skis.

For lunch I sat in the lodge, right by the window, sun streaming in and…

What a surprise!

IMG_3657There were some changes since last year!

Several Gluten-free items!  No banana and yogurt for me


Eating a sandwich was alway difficult before my surgery and would leave me with a headache.

Thank you God for my gluten free RUBEN and lined up jaw to enjoy it well.

It was so cold.

best hot chocolate EVER

best hot chocolate EVER

My face hurt, I mean really hurt.

Not just cold hurt but achey hurt.

The only thing I could think of was that I now have 8 titanium plates in my face,4 screws each.  were they cold?

It didn’t stop me.

After skiing I took off my ski boots and slipped on my running shoes,

I headed back outside for a hike, exploring places and trails I’ve never been down or up rather, trails twisting and turning.


Breathing in fresh air.

On my way back home I stopped into a ski shop to purchase new goggles for gig and lainee.

When I walked in I notice a sale in the kids jacket area.

One jacket was sticking out of the rack.  I pushed it back in but as I touched it I felt in my heart

“The jacket is Luke’s size.  It’s on sale, GET THIS JACKET.”

I stopped and stared at it and thought, “no.  he has a STUPID jacket, he’s lost jackets and found jackets all over town.  hum….nope, no jacket for Luke, he’s got a good one, the zipper is busted but I’m trying to train him in gentleness and care of his things, we can close it up with big safety pins or velcro…”

I walked away.

Do you know LUke’s issues with jackets?  with loosing things?  If you do,

then get ready for a great



This is a photo that my friend Elizabeth sent to me after I left the store.

She had not left home yet (she lives with us right now)

The item on the banister would be


In my house, after they had left!!


Ski vacation, snow, cold=

winter jacket needed!!!

Needless to say, I should have quickly prayed, “Lord?  you really want me to get the jacket?” but I didn’t.

I’ll be heading back to the shop today to get the jacket.

“Lord, let Luke feel so loved and cared for as I hand him his new jacket.  Let me smile and be gracious as you smile and are gracious to us.”

I laughed so hard last night.

I texted back to Elizabeth something she probably wasn’t expecting:


I forwarded the photo to Chris (who is driving the black van across the US with 8 children) and….

Let’s just say, he didn’t respond with “I LOVE GOD” .


Christopher taking a turn at the wheel somewhere in IOWA.

I woke up this morning to a little video that Chris had made for me.  He crammed all 9 of them into one hotel room last night, kids all over the place and panned around the room to each child as they said, “good night mom!”.  Oh.  OH!

The gang arrives today.

I’m not skiing today, although it snowed all night, it’s tempting.

But, i need to go to the store and buy food for the troops, which is quite a process.

Ready or not!  here they come!

Aren’t they cute?IMG_3663


2 Responses to “my day alone~”

  1. Cristie March 23, 2013 at 4:51 pm #

    So great to have a few days alone…with God! What a sweet gift!! Enjoy every minute in the mountains. They are awesome! Blessings friend!

  2. Carrie March 24, 2013 at 3:49 pm #

    Sitting at Panera writing, having an hour with God, and both of these posts just made me tear up and smile. SO thankful for how the Lord is loving on you and so glad you got that Day, A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Yall, have a wonderful time together, blessings to you Jones Family!

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