25 Mar

photo-19We made it through the day!  The  new skiiers (luke, Lainee and Zinnia) LOVED LOVED skiing!  Luke is skipping level 2 and moving up to level 3, he even went up the chairlift in the afternoon.  His teacher said, “one thing about Luke, you guys need to tell him to stay with me.  I lost him at lunch time, he just wandered off and I found him on the slopes I was freaking out!!”  I was like, “oh, wow!  REALLY?  I’ll talk to him!”  Kind of pretending that I was surprised, but I wasn’t in the least.

Zinnia, same, skipping to level 3! She loved it. Lainee moves up to level 2, she can’t stop talking about the huge yummy lunch they served her, her favorite part.    miss mimi remains a rockstar skiier.  She’s our gymnast, her legs are alike 2 rods or iron.

My phone reads 1 degree today, but the sun will be out!  I’ll need to run to the store again.  I bought 6 bags of chips-like snacks.  Within the first 48 hours 4 of them are gone!  poof!  life with teenaged boys….

lainee carrying-on as usual

lainee carrying-on as usual



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