6 Apr

heLast Friday I arrived at the airport in Chicago just at the same time as the Wilsons coming home from Ethiopia with Luke’s friends!

I was so excited.  It was totally unplanned!

Here is Titus Wilson reunited with Joseph Parker after maybe 18 months.  It was  so exciting.

What a blessing to get off the plane in your new country and see a buddy.  Praise God.

I knew Luke would be so disappointed that he wasn’t there.
I took a photo on my phone of Titus and I, told him I was adhonom’s mom and he hugged me real good.  I’d post the photo but I look like a grease bomb.

This is Titus’ sister Marta Kate!  What a honey.  Here she is, the first moments with her new big sister, this is precious Momma katie looking on.  AHHH!  “It is finished!  And just beginning all at the same time!”

Titus and Sasha, so sweet for him to come home and see so many familiar faces.  He remembers the Parkers from their trip to Mekele the year before.


Two days later my LUke got to see Titus, it had been 6 months.  Luke was over the top happy and has talked about Titus every day since.  He was shy to speak in Tygrinia but eventually it came back and they chatted away.  Luke went back to Titus’ house for the afternoon.


I was so happy to have snapped this following photo.  I spied them out of the corner of my eye! The boys were getting ready to leave to go to Wilsons.  Luke gave Titus his red shoes that are too small.  He was tying the laces for Titus.  It’s so symbolic to me.  Luke has come a long way.  He really relied on Joseph Parker when he first came home.  I did too!  He would cry and the language was so confusing and it was just hard at times!  it’s so cool for me to see Luke stepping up, following Sam and Joseph’s example.

blah blah blah something in their own language and joseph begins to tie Luke's shoes.  sweetnessHere is Joseph Parker helping Luke Jones tie the red shoes when Luke was only home 1 day.  So precious.

This really is a very unique and special circumstance that has happened.

Mom friends adopting kid friends.  5 children from the same orphanage.  We could not have ever guessed that God would move in all of our hearts and our husbands hearts.  He loves us, these kids.  I just don’t have words to describe it.  We just look at each other and say, ” Can you believe this?  This is really amazing!!!  Can you believe all this has happened??? Only God.”

The boys will be heading to our house tomorrow to spend the afternoon together.  I plan to take photos and send them to Gabe and Connie ( the amazing Ethiopian couple who rescued and raised these children in Ethiopia).  Won’t they love to see them.  It’s amazing.  Yes, I’ll show you too.

When the children leave Gabe and Connie’s orphan home they need to spend a few months at the agency’s transition home.  The transition home has other orphans there, most of them have families in the US waiting.  One boy that is our boys’ age and Luke’s friend has been prayed over and prayed over.  We have prayed about a family from our town being able to adopt him.  Once again!  God raised up a MOM FRIEND!  It has been amazing to watch our friends step out in faith and be united in the call to bring him home.  Luke prayed and prayed for a family for this friend.  Praise God.  It was so much fun to tell him who it was.  “YES YES YES YES!!!”

So, they are next, and we will welcome home another friend at the airport, in several months.

There is a little girl, the only one who is without a family to call her own at this transition home.  We are concerned about her.  She may be sent back to her less then ideal situation.  She needs a family and medical help in the US NOW!  We must pray for a family to rise up and adopt her. She needs love and healing and US medical attention.  I think she is 7 years old.  around there.

Can you pray for her?  God is really moving and working on behalf of these very special children.

If you have any interest in little Sinet (sp?) please just email me, ljones500@yahoo.com and I can direct you to her agency and give you photos from Titus’ mom.

I’m really hoping that another group of friends in our little community can do something else like this.  I picture special needs little boys from China.  The support is crucial and such a gift.


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