8 Apr

Having the 5 Ethiopian children reunited at our house was so great.

Sam, Joseph. Titus, Marta Kate and Luke.

Sam, Joseph. Titus, Marta Kate and Luke.


stopping soccer for a drink and a snack


the 4 boys playing basketball, something they didn’t do in ethiopia. Poor Titus was just trying to figure it out! He played like they all played when they first came home. At one point Titus grabbed the ball and hugged it to his chest, he ran to the basket and shot and missed. The three were laughing and saying , “Titus! Dribble” and I said, “HUMMMMM looks a lot like you guys did when you first came home!” and we all laughed. Luke can still speak Tygrinia which was super helpful.

DSC01314 DSC01317

Beautiful Marta- Kate enjoying her new friends

DSC01288 Zinnia and Marta-Kate.  They played together on Monday last week as well.  Even without speaking the same language these two had a blast.DSC01281

Ela Parker (Joseph’s sister adopted from ethiopia 3 years ago), Annika Carlson (sam’s sister)

Lainee goofy, and ZinniaDSC01278

The weather was beautiful!

Several siblings stayed, it was such fun for all.

I’m so thankful for our adoption community.

It’s so sweet to see Children from all over the globe,

orphaned no longer

Sam, Joseph. Titus, Marta Kate and Luke.

Sam, Joseph. Titus, Marta Kate and Luke.

enjoying eachother.

I sent photos to Gabe and Connie ( the Ethiopian couple who ran the orphan home that the children were in).  They were so thankful for the photos and to see all the children together, it is unbelievable.  Gabe is so sweet.  He wrote, “thank you all for your obedience to God’s call.”  And thank you Gabe and Connie for your obedience to God’s call!  They are amazed that their home is orphan free!  Each one of their children has been adopted.  Praise the Lord. In faith they took in the children.  They children all know that Gabe and Connie prayed and prayed for a better opportunity for each of them.  They are involved in so many ministries in their community, bible translation and audio recording, blind ministry, seminary students etc.  Taking in single young girls-women is the next passion God has placed on their hearts.

Yesterday while I was driving Titus and Marta Kate and Luke to our house I just had chills.  Luke was chatting away in Tygrinia (I was thrilled!).  I put my hand in the air and said, “Luke jones!!!  Your buddy is in our van!!!  Halleluiah!!  Halleluiah!  God has put you all together, look how much he loves you!!!  Luke the world is a very big place!”  He said, “Yes, Mom.  Yes, Mom.  I know. Because, because why?  Because Gabe and Connie they pray maybe 2 hours every night for us, for the children.”


One Response to “reunited…”

  1. Laurel Santini April 14, 2013 at 9:32 pm #

    I still can’t wrap my head around this. . . truly a miracle! This is the proof that those still do happen today in 2013, in our midst!

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