9 Apr

Chris had a birthday last week

I thought all day how thankful I am for this man.

He is prayerful and wise.

Not everyone is home every evening but those who were home tried to make dad feel special

IMG_3802A beautiful package came that day, it was several yummy steaks from one of his friends.  It was perfect.
IMG_3808Kids activities in bullets  (for those who care):

Starting from the top of the line up~

-Christopher’s tennis season started up.  He’s playing well and enjoying the guys on the team.  He has about 3 matches a week.  He’s getting ready for his missions trip to Italy this summer, it’s a great group of young people.

-Jonah started track, he runs for our public middle school as a homeschooler.  He’s loving it.  He hits tennis balls still with Josh L.

-Noah made a DTA select basketball team.  He practices 2-3 nights a week for 2 hours and has tournaments on the weekends.

-Gigi is continuing with swim team twice a week and orchestra

-Luke is doing swim lessons and working really hard in school.

-mimi moved up a level in gymnastics working out 9 hours a week now (yikes! not sure how this is gonna go)

-Zinnia is taking an afterschool Mandarin class on Friday afternoons.   She is also really working hard to keep up with her class in school.

-Lainee is a rockstar in school!  She’s taking Mandarin too and still loves best hangin with mom in the kitchen after school.
IMG_3816 The girls had their 2 year “thankful for our hospital staff” day last week when they were transfused.  It was really a special time remembering all the ways the girls have changed in two years.  I’m really so thankful for our hospital.  We brought in donuts for all!


Mandarin class~  very interesting.  Lainee and Zinnia remembered lots of basic words and both said it was kind of boring.  We’ll see  how it goes!  They liked it okay.  The lady is a Chinese Christian.  When she spoke to the girls in Chinese both of them said they couldn’t understand her!  She was sweet and commented to the class that they are all very blessed to be where they are.IMG_3822


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