look for God’s good gifts today!

3 May

So much happened this week.IMG_3902

We started out well, Luke had a softened heart.  He had a great week.  I had a good perspective.  We played lots of pool together in the basement.IMG_3903

The tulip he planted in october when he arrived bloomed this week.  I had chills.  The Holy Spirit reminded me of bulbs of hope planted deep in my heart years ago.  Tulips~ Hope.IMG_3915

A redemptive note of apology, on his own.IMG_3916

A broken bone in my runners foot.  Poor Jonah.  He’s dropped out of track. A stellar attitude.IMG_3918

I headed down town on Tuesday for a day long appointment with lainne and Zinnia.

fun day for them.

They are so sweet and fun.

I’ll know more about a plan for Zinnia’s health later in the week.  It was a long day.mentally.  Salmon in the cafe, happy!

Things I’m thankful for this week~

my brother and sisterinlaw came home from Ghana with their 2 new lovies!!

My entire family came, all sibs, mom and dad.

For one of my children’s teacher who encouraged me to ask God to see His good gifts in my life each day.

For a friend who provided respite care on a difficult day with my difficult one.

For bags of hand me down clothes for my girls.

breakfast out with my friend

a great foot doctor

a peaceful morning date with my difficult one.

a little old man who secretly paid for the brunch that my kids and I had ordered while at a restaurant.  He told the waitress, “I just liked the way that family looked. I’d like to buy their brunch”  this is encouraging, many colors around my table, many looks, it was priceless.

a date with my niece!  So special. We picked out a fruit bouquet to bring home.

a chance to see my mom and dad, coffee out with mom.

my selfless parents who took Jonah home with them this week, what a treat for Jonah. thankful.

for a little girl in Difficult One’s class who tugged on my sleeve today during Lunch duty, she told me her name and said, “sometimes she’s nice now”…hope. :)

for a time to pray with mom friends who’ve adopted older kids .VITAL.God’s grace.

How was your week?

Photos from the week~











IMG_3941 IMG_3950











One Response to “look for God’s good gifts today!”

  1. Sherri May 3, 2013 at 7:05 pm #

    You know how Ephesians 6:17 talks about the helmet of salvation? I always think of that helmet as HOPE. Hope protects our mind…it keeps us from despair…it is a beautiful gift from God and is key to a life of joy and salvation! Thank you, Lord, for giving HOPE to the weary.

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