summer update

30 Jun
Lots to do at the lake!

Lots to do at the lake!  The more there is for Luke to do, the better!


Luke’s still learning how to “do” the beach; sandman! He loves it, especially when cousins are with us. Luke has boy cousins from my sisters family and my brothers family that we see regularly. I’m so thankful.


When we were home for lainee’s lab work she got her hair cut! It had been growing for 2 years. She’s adorable.


These 2 princesses are my brother’s little girls~ playing princess.
“Red and Yellow black and white, they are precious in His sight!”


H*pe College soccer camp for my 3rd and 4th graders this week! I was amazed that Zinnia wanted to go. I’m so proud of her. She did great!


Things go smoother around here if we can keep the mornings scheduled out. Each morning I post a chart on the fridge. The children understand that if they don’t have everything checked off they won’t be looking at a screen (computer, vdeo, wii, xbox) in the evening during “screen time”. Summer is “catch up time” for several of my kids who are behind their classes at school. 3 of them see a tutor 5 days a week this summer. Saturday is verse day and pay day. I’m giving each big and little kid $1 for every Bible verse they memorize this summer and $1 a day for each day that they complete all their boxes.


The chart is a little bit different each day, and I rotate the jobs each day. I’ve been giving Luke jobs that he and I can do together. He’s super messy-sloppy border-line lazy with most jobs I have given him. It’s best if I can do it along with him and we can talk and bond as I train him. This week we folded TONS of laundry together and swept the beach steps…he’s coming along. This first time I had asked him to fold laundry from a certain basket he was done in 3 minutes. He came to the fridge to check the box off. I was amazed! Had I already had someone else fold it? Life got busy and later that day I opened up the cupboard under the boy’s bathroom sink to put away some towels. I was SHOCKED!!! Shoved under the sink was a wad of clean clothes~ underwear, tops, bathing suits etc. BUSTED! I’m daily teaching Luke to SLOW DOWN and do things the right way.


We have been encouraging Luke to be neater when he eats since he came home 8.5 months ago. We’ve been pretty patient and pretty nice about it. Maybe 3 weeks ago I really started to come down harder on him. I know he’s 10, and a boy,, I’ve done 10 year old boy messy eating before. This is something way beyond 10 year old messy eating. Fingers in the air, hands in the mouth, face in the plate, fork dangling. Slowly, slowly, slowly I think I’m seeing a slight shift… I’m hopeful. One night last week when chris was out of town I sat outside to eat dinner with all the children. I felt a great annoyance rising in me (an overtired mom)as I watched Luke Jones tackle his meal. I decided it was best for me not to comment because I knew I didn’t have “nice, gentle, or patient” in me. So, I said, “boys eat outside, come on girls, we are eating inside!!” laugh laugh giggle giggle… I had not one more ounce of training ability left in me. Bless his heart. (I mean bless my heart)


We are praying for christopher and his team from our church who are doing mission work in Italy this week and part of next week.

Noah comes home from Kamp today!

Lainee is doing well.  She is still being monitored and still has meds. for kidney issues that haven’t cleared up yet.  We still have not gotten any answers from Mayo.

Lainee has been very resistant about riding a bike, and I’ve never pushed her to try.  But, this week she did it!  I was excited that she wanted to try.  As I worked with her I could tell she could do it if she kept practicing with me for just a few more times.  She wanted to quit! Nail polish from Target was pretty motivating and got her to persevere!

I’m so proud of her.

How are you?  What are you doing with your children this summer?

“The steadfast LOVE of the LORD never ceases, His mercies, they never come to an end.  They are new every morning, Great is your FAITHFULNESS, O Lord.”


2 Responses to “summer update”

  1. Lindy Boss June 30, 2013 at 12:15 pm #

    Hi Laura! I love hearing about your family and how you manage your days. Are you in Holland often? I’d love to “run into” you sometime. :) Last summer I did really well with a schedule for my kids using an idea I received from Power of Moms website. They set it up like a summer camp. Each day is something different. Wet Wednesday, Field Trip Thursday, etc. Making a summer bucket list is another thing I try to do every summer. All the kids have a chance to contribute ideas. Struggling a bit this summer… can’t seem to get everyone healthy at the same time! Between swimming lessons, VBS and camping the summer will be over before I know it! Anyway, keep on sharing, you are an encouragement to me in parenting and following the Lord. Thanks! :)

    • June 30, 2013 at 8:52 pm #

      thank you, Lindy! I have never heard of Power of Moms, I’ll be looking that up. I love the idea of a different activity for each day. Hope we run into each other.

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