from Chris

3 Jul

I wanted to share some thoughts on this last experience we had with Lainee being rushed to the hospital.



It has been about a month since that awful day of seeing my little girl helplessly shaking in her bed.  I can truly say that was one of the worst moments of my life…seeing her shaking and moaning in a way that i have never seen before…absolutely soaked with urine (very common with seizures), eyes locked off looking away…just a dreadful time….i rush her to the local hospital…i spend the night with her…they next day we are told her liver failed…yikes…not good.  we get transfered to Children’s downtown Chicago and are in the PICU for 4 days…Monday/Tuesday I thought we were going to lose her…I even looked up a number for a local funeral home close to where we live.

But even now as I type this it seems a little weird.  This morning I took her to camp where she will spend the day playing games, running around, skipping and hopping…almost as if nothing ever happened.

It feels like I have been on an emotional roller-coaster.  Lainee was so so sick about…practically on death’s door…about a month ago i was telling my older boys that we have to prepare for the real possibility that “your baby sister might be with Jesus very soon…we just don’t know what is going to happen.”  Have you ever had to tell your kids that one of their little sisters might die???  Not a pleasant experience…But i will tell you this…our “bigs” are terrific.  They are very mature and grounded…sure, there were some tears…but it was pretty clear they understood well what was going on.  They know that the Lord has a “perfect plan” (Jeremiah).  He knows better.  Now, do we always like it??  No.  Pain hurts.  Who likes pain??  But the interesting thing about pain is that it should help develop perseverance.  I did plead with the Lord that she get better…and you know what – she is doing better.  We dont have all the answers right now with what all happened (more test results coming in about a month)….But there was something interesting in all this.  We knew/know that God had/has a plan in all this.  Even now I am not sure if Lainee is going to have another episode soon or not.  The other day, Laura and I were in the sanctuary at our church…one of Lainee’s teachers came in and told us that Lainee was “feeling sick.”  boy oh boy – we made a beeline up to her class.  That is the world that Laura and i are in right now….we need to be watching her like a hawk…for the littlest thing that might show a sign of not feeling well…what could happen??  well, possibly get a virus and then the organs start to shut down…again, we don’t know exactly what she has, but we do know that God will reveal things to us in his perfect timing.  It is hard for me to not have answers at times, but refreshing that we have a loving Creator who knows better than us.  Is it possible for one of our children to get really sick in the near future??  yes…of course…or, could it be that another child gets hurt in an accident?  Yes…We dont know what’s around the corner.  I think we (Laura and I) are learning in a different/new way what trusting in His plan means.


This summer has been very full.  One of my boys just got back from being gone at Kan*kuk.  He loved it.  I worked at this same camp many moons ago.  It is a terrific place…he is already excited about going back…He went with a couple of his closest buddies.  They all had a blast…Thankful for these friends that he has.  boy did we miss him though.  My oldest is currently in Italy on a missions trip.  it was hard to see him leave for the airport.  practically started to cry as they were leaving…i know my boys are growing too fast.  My second son is starting HS this year…my oldest girl is going to summer camp pretty soon too…Where in the world is time going???????  We continue on with all the other things with the younger ones…the blood transfusions, meds, the learning English, etc…


Thank you all for your kind words, visits at the hospital, visits at home, letters, meals, taking a kid here and there for parts of the day, and praying for us.  We (our family) were so encouraged by the things many of you did…was such a blessing and an encouragement to us.  thank you all so much.




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