Hello world!

5 Dec

I know, I.know!

It’s been too long.

I’ve appreciated your prayers and concerns as we wade through rough water with our child who is struggling mentally.

We are doing well, however, I feel like I can’t say that and be fully honest (and you know I love being honest here at MGE)…

It is always there, always.  Every, “how are you…?” seems to yield a response from me that revolves around my most difficult child who suffers from mental illness.

It’s ALWAYS there, ALWAYS on my heart and mind.

God has spoken so sweetly to me in it all these years.

You see, my life’s very biggest fear, biggest fear came to fruition.  A child who is mentally, behaviorally suffering, psychotic-like, functioning with a seemingly brilliant, genius, yet half-mind.

And guess what?  I’m still alive!  I wake up each day and hunger and thirst for time with my LORD.  HE IS WITH ME.

My biggest fear happened, and HE IS NEAR and I’M OK.

I think because my readership sky-rocketed during Lainee’s horrible health scare I got very intimidated by you all new folks here at My Great Eight.  I have tried to post but just couldn’t publish.

I told my little girls the other night as we were playing the game crazy Eights, “I’m gonna call you my crazy 8s!” Our three little girls are all 8 years old right now.

The three little girls continue to run in a pack around our house.  They get plenty-o hugs from their big brothers, and plenty-o “be quiet!”warnings during home work time.

 Miss Mimi continues to be ultra creative and leads the pack of crazy 8s.

our family is treated to some great in-house entertainment...

our family is treated to some great in-house entertainment…

Lainee still has kidney issues.

lainee grace, the baby of our crew

lainee grace, the baby of our crew

We got to the bottom of her health scare and discovered that she had developed a kidney disorder called Fanconi Syndrome, (and we had no idea) from the Xjade medication she had been on for her blood disorder.  It was such a horrible scare. Her kidneys are still not healed but are healing.

She is a trooper, infusing herself now 5 nights a week and sleeping with a deferral pump like Zinnia.  No more XJADE for either girl.  Transfusions are about 2.5 to 3 weeks apart right now.  We had discovered that our local hospital had not been giving Zinnia enough blood!  Chicago thought that this may account for her failure at school last year.  So, all summer she got boosted up and is thriving.

transfusion day!  So thankful that they have eachother

transfusion day! So thankful that they have eachother

They continue to amaze us.  THRIVING in school, getting GREAT grades, loving to read and such nice girls.  We are so blessed by them.

Luke has been a difficult addition to the family.  Or I guess I should say, its been a difficult transition.  He suffers with abandonment issues and has a lot of hurt from years of living as a street kid and being abandoned at an orphanage at 5 years old.  He is precious and we love him.  He gets GREAT grades at school.  He loves to read and listens to countless books on cd each week, following along in a book. He has never had a behavioral issue at school.  Its just been difficult in some hard ways.  Luke has several holes in his little heart. God has called us to play a part in his healing of Luke and I’m so humbled and committed.  He had a horrible scare about a month ago when the Ethiopian couple who runs his orphan home came to visit the children who had been adopted to our friends in our town, and he thought he was going back with them, like to Ethiopia!….it was 4 very hard days in our home and we had no idea what was going on, why he was acting so horribly to us. When it all came out I hugged him hard as he sobbed and sobbed and explained his fears.  We had just talked about what divorce meant when one the little girls asked the night before.  I told him, “luke! We will never divorce you!  never.”  It was a precious precious redeeming moment, so hard and yet healing.  I tell him every day, “Luke You are mine forever”…He cannot hear it enough.  Again, the gospel lived out in my home, under my roof!

luke and titus Wilson~chop sticks!!

luke and titus Wilson~chop sticks!!

The big boys are doing well, Christopher and Jonah ran at the Illinois state cross country meet, it was such an exciting season.  Noah plays on two different basketball teams and is doing so well in school.  Gigi is in 6th grade and is in school this year for the first time at our local christian school, loving her new friends, orchestra and swim team.

Jonah and mom, Christopher had a broken foot for most of the season and still came back and made it to STATE!

Jonah and mom, Christopher had a broken foot for most of the season and still came back and made it to STATE!

I hope to be more regular, now that I got my :”back to blogging” post out of the way!

Press On my friends.  Press on one day at a time.  This is not our home, we await an eternal home in heaven with Jesus.  That is our HOPE this season, one day every mind will be whole, every heart hole-less, as we gaze in the face of our constant friend and savior, Jesus Christ.

Our new family photos were taken by Margaret Henry They are the BEST photos we have ever had taken of our children, she also helped me reconfigure my header!

Thanks Margaret!! 



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  1. Karla in MN December 5, 2013 at 3:19 pm #

    So glad for an update…I’ve been waiting! Happy to hear that Lainee is doing better. God bless you all!

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