shots-n-stuff (feingold?)

10 Dec

One of our adopted children struggles with several different issues.

It’s been hard to nail down a solid, specific diagnosis.

(Please don’t write me a suggest an adoption issue.  We have adoptions issues but this is not one!)

sifting through medication has been a nightmare.


try this, slowly increasing, try this, or this…

keeping it all straight is hard

It’s important to walk with God daily to know his will for the day.

our latest medication, that i was so excited about, had to be discontinued because of medical complications.

I had prayed that God would direct and He clearly closed that door, the doctor calling, “stop the medication immediately!”

What peace there is in knowing God loves our hurting children even more then we do.  Peace, knowing He’s in control and will reveal his plan or heal in his time.

So, I’m reaching out to y’all today

wondering if any of you knows anything about a diet I keep running into: The Fiengold diet.

We feel God nudging us that way.  We will try anything for some relief, for our child, and the way it affects our family, relief for ALL!

Once again I feel myself getting excited that maybe this is part the answer we have waited these years for.

I am not expecting perfection this side of heaven. But the thought of natural relief from horrible symptoms that interrupt life? Wonderful!

Even just to take the EDGE off.  You know what I mean??

I would love to hear from you if you have thoughts about this feingold diet.

Interestingly, Gigi is having some allergy testing done too, and a celiac test, done last night and this morning.

her arms puffed up! we were so surprised.

her arms puffed up! we were so surprised.

I was 95 lbs when gigi was 12 months old, and diagnosed with celiac disease.

Anyways, all four girls were at the hospital this morning!

Gigi and Mimi had blood tests done and Lainee and Zinnia ended up needing to come in for a transfusion.

Mimi over-reacted so intensely that she ended up laughing at herself!  No biggie

Mimi over-reacted so intensely that she ended up laughing at herself! No biggie!  (silly sock day in middle school today)

gig's turn.  I hope she doesn't have celiac, I think it would be hard as a child.  but, we can do it!  I think it's good for kids to learn to say no to things...

gig’s turn. I hope she doesn’t have celiac, I think it would be hard as a child. but, we can do it! I think it’s good for kids to learn to say no to things…  It was hard to get  mimi to sit still next to her!  she was freaking out again and wiggling like crazy! :)

done!  breakfast in the cafeteria.  Gigi said, "mom, everyone knows you in here! "  Yup!  and I'm reminded of all the new acquaintances and friends I have gained at our hospital because of Lainee and Zinnia's regular trips.  Thank you God.

I love you girls!  done! breakfast in the cafeteria. Gigi said, “mom, everyone knows you in here! ” Yup! and I’m reminded of all the new acquaintances and friends I have gained at our hospital because of Lainee and Zinnia’s regular trips. Thank you God.  Thank you!!

check out the lovely, annoyed look on my face!  I think i am getting ready to say, "Time to get back to school, sweetie!!" It's. a. lot.

check out the lovely, annoyed look on my face! I think i am getting ready to say, “Time to get back to school, sweetie!!” (It’s. a. lot)

Elizabeth took lainee and zinnia, i’m so grateful.

Gigi had strep constantly nearly all winter last year so we are trying to get to the bottom of her ear-throat issues.

I didn’t think she was allergic to anything but she had a very strong reaction to several things!

We will do a milk-wheat-egg challenge, AFTER the holidays:)

So this week is PEACE for the advent season, friends.

PEACE.  Meditate on that with me this week.

 Last night Chris shared with me:

Philippians 4:8-9

Finally brothers whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things…and the God of peace will be with you!

Our God of peace, be with YOU.


6 Responses to “shots-n-stuff (feingold?)”

  1. tammy December 10, 2013 at 11:51 am #

    Finegold’s makes perfect sense – get the fake stuff out (and some of the stuff they usually love (I think orange juice or apple juice was out, too)). Which is a lot harder than it sounds. My girlfriend followed this diet for her son who had/has sensory issues and it helped SOOOO much – but it was hard. And she only had 1 child to look after – not 8! But… if anyone can do this, it is you, Laura.

  2. Karen J Moseley December 10, 2013 at 12:42 pm #

    Hi Sweet Friend! Oh, how I have missed you. So happy to read ALL of your posts and they always lead me into prayer. Laura, I have Celiac Disease, too. Diagnosed when I had my 1st colonoscopy. I had NO clue. I recently found a book, “Wheat Belly”, that has changed me life! It is not just about weight loss. ALL of the grains we eat are so modified, that they are causing health problems for! ALL of us! It is so helpful for me. I’ve lost 43 lbs. in the past 8 weeks. My labs have improved. Even my Primary Care MD was amazed. It quite literally should be a life time way of eating. Not a diet, but for healing our bodies and our heads, too! Here is a link to the blog:
    They also have a great facebook group. Lots of good ideas and support. I found this young Mom who has THE best GF, SF recipes. Here’s her blog:
    I hope these will help with any or all or some of the issues your Lovies are dealing with. Sending Hugs to all! ~ Jo

    • December 10, 2013 at 12:52 pm #

      thanks Jo!
      I was diagnosed with celiac 11 years ago. I’m thankful for your encouragement. I’m heading over to your links right now. thank you JO!

  3. Wendy December 10, 2013 at 8:36 pm #

    Hi Laura, I have not tried the feingold diet for my children. Thankfully they do not have ADHD. What I do know is for many years I worked with children on a psychiatric unit. Medications can help and they can also cause horrible side effects which is not good. Over the past several years I have been very interested in diets and how diets play into our moods and behaviors. My son cannot have any red dye. If he does, he is bouncing off the walls. It causes such an immediate intense reaction for him that we avoid all red dye in our house. For a few years I have had problems with leg swelling. It seemed when I stayed away from carbohydrates, the edema went away. For a long time I did not have anything with carbohydrates. That is not good either. A physician I work with thought I might have celiac. I do not have the diagnosis but what I have is gluten intolerance. When I take away the gluten, not more problems with edema and I feel so much better. I began buying gluten-free breads but then I began researching them and so many of them are unhealthy. I have worked to eliminate processed foods and eat food in its natural state. Not to say I don’t bake my potato before I eat it…I do but instead of packaged potatoes, we prepare real potatoes. We avoid all canned products. I feel so much healthier and I believe my children are healthier as well. A good book to read is the Wheat Belly Diet….not for the weight loss aspects but to learn about diet and how it can adversely affect us. I believe diet really can make a difference in a child’s emotional health. Over the next few years, I would believe we are going to find out that all the additives in foods are creating issues for us. Good luck to you and your child. One more thought….(sorry I am just so passionate about diets) you can prepare many good tasting foods and really enjoy eating despite eliminating foods. Since I have gone gluten-free, I now have all the fruits and veggies and other carbohydrate rich foods which is healthier than completely carbohydrate-free. Also, my email is if you have any questions.

  4. Michelle December 11, 2013 at 4:16 am #

    I believe our diets are responsible for a lot of issues, too. I don’t know exactly what you are struggling with but have you ever checked out True Hope nutritional supplements? I am not associated with the company at all, but a member of my family has been able to go off all psychiatric medicines by taking these. I think our processed food is leaving us short of micronutrients. The founder of this non profit company lost his wife (suicide) to bipolar disorder and two of his children also could not be helped with medicine. Long story, but when someone helped him formulate these supplements, it gave them back normal lives.

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