day 1 (?)

11 Dec

Chris and I have decided to start our special girl on this feingold diet.

it’s entirely intense and timely, restrictive to the EXTREME for the first 6 weeks.

I’m up for it, and desperate for some relief.


I had the thought today several times that maybe I should jump into this after the holidays but a bigger side of me said, “now! don’t wait!”

So, here we go.

She’s up for it, special one.  I got on the feingold website and had her put head phones on and watch the intro video that was about a half hour long.  Mid way through she yelled out, “MOMMMMM!  She said artificial vanilla flavoring can make me hyper!!!!!!”  She put the head phones down at the end and said, “let’s do it!”

So, trader joe’s Pirate’s Booty is on the “ok”list…she’s had a lot of that and bananas today, until I get time to research more, and shop.

I’m gonna be done christmas shopping on Friday this week. done.


Lainee’s kidney doctor called and said that her levels looked good after yesterday’s labs….

She is going to go 3 weeks without any medication for her kidney function, monitoring her and praying.

We think this fanconi syndrome that she developed from her exjade is resolved!  HAlleluiah.

Lots to rejoice about.

Got to lift my head out of muck and remember.

God is faithful.

he is.

Psalm 29:11~ The Lord will give strength to his people.  The Lord will bless his people with PEACE.

I would include a photo, but I have an iphonesomethingold and they all look like this…hello santa! (I.been.good.I.been.reallllll.good. ;)

listening to luke read.  I like to record him and save it with him not knowing.  He will want to hear it someday!

listening to luke read. I like to record him and save it with him not knowing. He will want to hear it someday!  babysteps!


One Response to “day 1 (?)”

  1. Carrie December 12, 2013 at 9:33 pm #

    Praying for you as you start this, with her… for you and for her. And thanks for reminding me to lift my head. All four kids sick. again. And then today I caught it and feel yuck. So easy to get discouraged with my head down between these walls. But, I could be here sick with only 3 kids, SO. I. REJOICE! I am sick with four, what a privilege! xoxo

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