A Christmas video

16 Dec

This 4 minute video is my favorite modern Christmas song

It makes a lump in my throat every time I hear it then the lump gives way to full-on tears at minute 2:34-2:36.

I am so burdened when I think of my adopted kids not being with us, especially at Christmas.

We could have missed this!

And I’m so glad we didn’t.

It’s especially fun to watch Luke this year as the excitement of our annual trip to Michigan for Christmas gets closer each passing day.

He knows what to expect this time, it’s his second Christmas home.  He’s so excited to head to Michigan.

The first time around for everything is often harder for families who’ve adopted older children.  My heart ached for him last Christmas.  He had a difficult time being off school and trying so many new wintertime activities.

Older adopted kids may feel like an outsider as the rest of the family talks excitedly about traditions that they love.

Wouldn’t you agree?  The second go around, the second year is…welll… it just feels better.

Chris and I have agreed, we are trying to keep things as much like last year as we can, hoping Luke has a good holiday break.

ice skating, bowling, a trip to the movie theater, sledding, sleeping in

I’m looking forward to it

Experimented with a new crock pot recipe today since we have a busy after school day today.

I’ll let you know, only if it’s good.

Even had time to make banana bread from my black bananas~

My highschoolers are home at noon each day this week for finals

Looking forward to the quiet 2 on 1 time with them, so much.



One Response to “A Christmas video”

  1. Debbie December 16, 2013 at 3:42 pm #

    Hey There. I have no idea how or when I started reading your blog, but I do enjoy it. I was going to put one of my children back on a gluten-free diet. It seems every time she goes gluten-free her mood swings and irritability goes way down. This daughter had awoken up in a good mood on Saturday, but by the time I decided on changing her diet she was throwing tantrums left and right. But then I read your post about Feingold and I had to look it up. I’ve never heard of it. As I was reading it about it I looked over at the gingerbread house we had made earlier in the day. A light went on in my head. She had eaten several little yellow candies off of it and that was when the problem had begun. She also goes a little crazy every time she has mac and cheese (which is why I suspected gluten). Maybe it wasn’t gluten, but yellow dye? Anyway, we started Feingold that day. This morning things are amazing. My imagination. Maybe? She has amazing days like this all the time and then WHAM things go downward fast. Her birth mom had bipolar. She also as some attachment issues. I will keep you posted. I’m hopeful!

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